About Me!

Discover the world through my wanderlust-fueled stories!

Hey! I’m Aisling, I love travelling…

Hello! My name is Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling). I love all things travel, as you can most likely tell from this blog. I’m currently at university, studying International Tourism Management – and I also work as a flight attendant for one of the biggest and most respected airline in the world (and one of the best – in my humble opinion 😉 )!

When I’m not at uni or travelling, you will most likely find me cuddling my dog, painting, taking photos, volunteering, trying to learn Polish (so hard omg!) or studying for my private pilot’s license.

About the blog

The name of this blog, Plane Beauty, came to me one day when I was 16 and thinking up names for a business idea I had and wanted a name with a play on words.

On this blog, my main aim is to inspire and help people with their travels. I truly believe that travel is the answer to a lot of things – at least for me! I’ve learnt so much, met so many inspirational people and gained so many experiences from it.