10 Interesting Ledbury facts that you NEED to know!

Ledbury is a market town located in Herefordshire that is a very popular destination for tourists. If you’re thinking of visiting Ledbury, then check out these 10 interesting Ledbury facts that you need to know!

Why visit Ledbury?

Ledbury facts

Why visit Ledbury? You should visit Ledbury if you’re interested in history, as Ledbury is rich in it. Many of the buildings are Tudor – which is evidenced by the black and white buildings, also known as Tudorbethan Style.

There are also plenty of quirky little shops, which make Ledbury a good place to visit if you’d like to purchase something different. Lots of the shops are also independently owned, which means that if you purchase something from them, then you’re helping to support the local economy.

Ledbury is also very simple to get to. It is about an hour away from Birmingham, about 40 minutes away from Wales, and three hours to London – but there are direct trains that you can take, that take around two hours.

10 Interesting Ledbury Facts That You NEED to Know:

If you’re visiting Ledbury, then here are the top 10 Ledbury facts that you NEED to know:

1. The most famous landmark in Ledbury is the Market House. The market house was built in the late 16th century and was used for storing various items such as corn and wool. Today, the rooms are used for meetings, events and exhibitions.

2. Ledbury has had many notable people reside there. For instance, John Masefield, who is a famous poet, is one of the most famous. He was born in Ledbury and lived there for the first few years of his life – which is one of the most interesting Ledbury facts for poetry lovers.

3. Ledbury is twinned with Strรถmstad in Sweden. Every year or so, there are cultural events held where people from both towns will visit each other and learn about the towns. They also sponsor things in each town.

4. The name Ledbury is derived from the River Leadon, which is the river it stands on. It has origins all the way back to AD 690 when it was featured in the Domesday Book under the name Liedeberge.

5. Ledbury still has a town crier. A town crier is someone who makes public pronouncements when it’s required – so if you’re ever interested in seeing one, head to Ledbury!

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6. Ledbury has around 9 pubs in total, which is one of the most fantastic Ledbury facts to know if you love pubs. Many of the pubs offer live music (sometimes!) or hold pub quizzes if you’re looking for something to do in the evenings.

7. If you’re a coffee lover, then you’ll love this Ledbury fact – the first coffee shop in Ledbury opened in 1880. The location of it is now where JMart Warehouse operates. Today, there are plenty of places to get your caffeine fix.

8. There are 2 main museums in Ledbury to visit. These are the Butchers Row Museum and the Ledbury Heritage Centre. At these museums, you can learn about all sorts – not exclusively Ledbury things either!

9. Ledbury has a 16th-century painted room, which is sometimes open for tourists to visit. The paintings were discovered in 1988 by restoration builders who were called in to do some work on the building.

10. In 2011, the population of Ledbury was 9,290 – which is an average size for a town in England. However, when the 2021 census is fully released, I have a feeling that this number will rise!

Ledbury FAQ:

Why is Ledbury famous?

Ledbury is famous for many different reasons, most notably the poetry festival that is held each year – as there have been many famous poets who have lived in Ledbury at least once in their life.

What shops are there in Ledbury?

There are quite a few independent shops in Ledbury, mostly clothes and charity shops. There are also a few chain shops, like Greggs and an Aldi.

What day is market day in Ledbury?

Saturday is market day in Ledbury.

How far is Ledbury from the Malvern Hills?

Ledbury is only about a 10-15 minute drive from certain areas of the Malvern Hills, such as The British Camp. You can reach the Malvern Hills by car or by train.

Is Ledbury a town or a village?

Ledbury is a market town.

Is Ledbury a good place to live?

Ledbury is a good place to live if you’d like to live somewhere with a low crime rate and with a community feel. It’s only recommended to live if you have a car, though, as sometimes the trains have cancellation issues.

Is Ledbury posh?

Ledbury is quite a posh place to live; however, not everyone who lives there is posh. It does help to have some money if you wish to live in Ledbury, as most of the more affordable shops are located in Hereford or Malvern.

10 Interesting Ledbury Facts – Conclusion

After reading this post, you’ve hopefully learnt about some of the most interesting Ledbury facts. Have you ever been to Ledbury? Which Ledbury facts were your favourite to learn? Do you know any Ledbury facts that you think deserve to be on the list but aren’t? Feel free to contact me, if you would like any extra information. If you liked this post, you might also like:

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