10 Amazing Reasons to Visit Cardiff, Wales!

If you’re thinking about visiting the beautiful Welsh capital city, Cardiff, but haven’t completely made up your mind just yet, then be convinced with these 10 amazing reasons to visit Cardiff!

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Why Visit Cardiff?

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Why visit Cardiff? Cardiff is the vibrant and dynamic capital of Wales, boasting a variety of attractions from the impressive Cardiff Castle to the fascinating National Museum. Visit Cardiff, and you’ll discover a modern city with plenty of culture, history and style.

The Welsh capital is even considered the world’s best shopping destination outside of London – with numerous malls, high streets, and designer stores, it’s no wonder people flock here for retail therapy. Easily navigable and filled with global boutique stores, Cardiff is a great place to grab a bargain or treat yourself to something special. And, of course, the international cuisine of Cardiff’s many eateries will certainly tantalize your taste buds.

An excitingly vibrant city, there’s so much to see and do in Cardiff – from world-class sports and music festivals to relaxing harbourside walks and the beautiful Welsh countryside, as it’s in close proximity to the Brecon Beacons. Take a trip to Cardiff and experience all the history, culture and energy this inspiring city has to offer – but if this hasn’t convinced you yet, keep on reading to find out about some more fantastic reasons to visit Cardiff.

Is Cardiff Safe?

Is Cardiff safe? Yes, Cardiff is generally a very safe city. Cardiff Council works hard to ensure the city remains safe and welcoming, providing services such as round-the-clock CCTV monitoring, street lighting, regular neighbourhood patrols, and Victim Support.

Visitors to Cardiff should exercise the same level of caution as they would in any other city, such as not leaving valuables unattended, avoiding deserted areas at night, and being mindful of the potential for pickpocketing.

What is Cardiff Famous For?

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What is Cardiff famous for? Cardiff is best known for its stunning castle and proud Welsh heritage, as well as its vibrant nightlife scene. It’s no surprise that Cardiff Castle, once a medieval stronghold housing the Earls of Gloucester, dominates the city’s skyline. Similarly, the 19th-century Grade I listed building, Cardiff City Hall, is stunningly perched atop the castle’s grounds.

Cardiff is also home to the charming Cathays Park, a vast stretch of lush green space enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Stately Edwardian buildings and memorials adorn this lovely park, creating a serene atmosphere in the city centre.

Additionally, Cardiff’s vibrant music and nightlife scene are part of what makes the city famous. St. Mary’s Street is a buzzing social hub with a range of bars, restaurants, and live music venues. The city’s world-class music festivals attract crowds from all over the world every summer, including the hugely-popular HAVARD Radio 1 Big Camp.

Cardiff is also known for the Cardiff Marina, a lovely spot for a stroll any time of the year. The marina boasts an impressive harbour and scenic boardwalk developed to attract more visitors to the area.

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10 Reasons to Visit Cardiff:

If you’re still thinking about whether or not you should give Cardiff a visit, then check out these 10 reasons to visit Cardiff to help convince you!

1. There Is So Much History

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Cardiff is rich in history, with visitors uncovering various ages in the sights and stories of the city. Cardiff Castle is an iconic monument offering a glimpse into Roman, Norman and Victorian history, displaying incredible architecture and artefacts. The castle has been standing for over 2000 years and is a must-visit for anyone who comes to the capital.

The National History Museum houses a vast array of collections, showcasing the history of Wales from the start of Wales as a nation up to the present day. Visitors can explore the evolution of the country and its people, learning all about the culture and stories from different times.

Tourists can also find evidence of Cardiff’s maritime history at the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and the Cardiff Bay Barrage. With its fascinating history, Cardiff offers a unique and educational experience for visitors.

2. It’s Fairly Affordable

Cardiff is an affordable and enjoyable holiday destination with a wide range of attractions and activities. From its numerous cafes and restaurants offering an array of culinary delights, to its arts and cultural festivals, to its boutique shops and lively music venues – Cardiff should provide something for everyone.

Accommodation in Cardiff is reasonable for visitors, ranging from basic options such as hostels and bed and breakfasts up to more luxurious choices such as hotels. Cardiff is also an excellent value-for-money destination for bargain hunters, with its vast selection of designer outlets and high street stores offering great discounts.

As Cardiff offers a relatively low cost of living and a diverse range of attractions, Cardiff offers visitors a great opportunity to make their money go further.

3. The Weather Isn’t Too Bad

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Although Cardiff experiences the typical British weather – bouts of sunny days with sudden downpours – generally, the climate in Cardiff is mild. During the summer months, Cardiff experiences warm temperatures of up to 21°C, allowing visitors to enjoy the city’s attractions. During autumn and winter, temperatures drop slightly, and the city has more rain than average.

Cardiff’s microclimate allows for mild temperatures year-round, making it an enjoyable holiday destination. With relatively mild temperatures and less rain than most British cities, visitors to Cardiff can still expect to enjoy all the sights and sounds the city has to offer.

4. It’s a Great Base To Explore Other Destinations

Cardiff is a great base for exploring other parts of Wales and beyond. From its central location in the heart of South Wales, Cardiff is conveniently located for day trips to the Welsh coast and nearby cities, such as Swansea, Newport, and Brecon.

Cardiff also makes an ideal base for exploring the Snowdonia National Park, a stunningly beautiful mountainous region with bespoke villages, rolling hills, and rugged peaks.

With its relatively close proximity to England, Cardiff also gives easy access to nearby cities like Birmingham, Bristol and Oxford – and you can even take a day trip from London to Cardiff. Cardiff’s great access to other amazing destinations in Wales and the west of England makes it one of the best reasons to visit Cardiff!

5. Cardiff Has a Great Music Scene

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Cardiff has a rich and vibrant music scene, with an impressive selection of music venues to choose from. Cardiff Castle, Wales Millennium Centre, St. David’s Hall, and Clwb Ifor Bach are just some of the city’s live music venues, offering a range of musical genres and events.

Over the years, notable artists like Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, and Oasis have graced the city stages, attracting visitors from all over the world. Cardiff’s various music festivals attract huge crowds, including BBC Radio 1’s Big Camp, which takes place in the city annually. With its world-class artists, gigs and festivals, it’s no surprise Cardiff has become a premier destination for music lovers.

6. There Are Always Events On

Cardiff plays host to numerous events and festivals throughout the year. In the winter, visitors can enjoy the festive celebrations in Cardiff Winter Wonderland or The Big Cheese, a vibrant celebration of all things Welsh.

During the summer, Cardiff hosts many cultural events, such as the RHS Flower Show and Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival. Cardiff’s various music festivals are popular too, such as the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Competition and Cerdd Y Ddraig, a Welsh traditional music festival.

Sports events such as Premier League matches and Rugby World Cup matches are held in Cardiff, too – so you’ll always find something to suit almost everyone in Cardiff!

7. The Rugby

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Cardiff is rugby-mad, making it an ideal destination for anyone passionate about the sport. During the Six Nations each year, Cardiff’s Principality Stadium is packed with tens of thousands of enthusiastic rugby fans – a spectacle that every rugby lover should witness. With fans decked out in their national team’s colours, the atmosphere is truly electric.

The stadium also hosts other international rugby tournaments and the Welsh National Team’s home games. Cardiff also offers a range of other rugby activities, such as rugby-themed pubs and pubs showing live games. With its passionate support for the sport, there’s no wonder Cardiff is a great rugby destination for all rugby lovers, making it another one of the best reasons to visit Cardiff.

8. There Are Plenty of Great Shops

Cardiff is a great destination for shoppers, boasting an impressive selection of high street and designer stores, alternative boutiques and markets. St. Mary’s Street is Cardiff’s bustling high street with a variety of stores, while Queen Street offers a greater selection of popular brands and department stores.

Additionally, Cardiff boasts multiple shopping malls, such as St. David’s Shopping Centre and Capitol Shopping Centre, with plenty of stores, restaurants and entertainment. Cardiff also has two major indoor markets – Cardiff Central Market and Riverside Market – offering an array of goods, from handmade souvenirs to second-hand antiques. If you’re a fashion lover or a bargain hunter, Cardiff is a great destination for you.

9. The Cuisine Is Smashing!

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Cardiff is a great place to sample international cuisine. With its vibrant culture, Cardiff has a plethora of restaurants and eateries offering cuisines from around the world. From Indian, Chinese, and Japanese to Italian, Greek, and French cuisine, Cardiff has something to suit all tastes.

Of course, Cardiff also has its own culinary specialities, including Welsh rarebit and the popular Welsh variant of fish and chips. In Cardiff, you’ll discover a range of cafes and bistros serving up fresh pastries, coffee, and drinks – which makes Cardiff an excellent destination for food lovers.

10. It Has So Many Great Things To Do

One of the best reasons to visit Cardiff is that Cardiff always has so many great things to do. It is a great destination for history, culture, music, nightlife, sport and shopping. From the stunning Cardiff Castle to Wales’ abundant greenery, there’s something for everyone. Marvel at historical sights, such as the Edwardian Cathays Park or the world-class Cardiff City Hall. Experience the city’s bustling nightlife and enjoy live music from renowned venues – the list is never-ending.

Investigate Cardiff’s impressive selection of shops and retail outlets, or explore the world of sport in the city’s impressive Principality Stadium. From its culture and history to its cosmopolitan nightlife, Cardiff has something to offer everyone – so what are you waiting for?!

Cardiff FAQ

What is special about Cardiff?

Cardiff is a very special city as it’s known as being the city with the most castles in the whole world!

Why should I go to Cardiff Castle?

Cardiff Castle is one of the biggest iconic landmarks in Cardiff, so a visit to this historic castle is a must! It has been standing for over 2,000 years and has so much history for all to discover.

How would you describe Cardiff?

Cardiff can be described as a great place to visit, with plenty of history which lines the streets and a welcoming place for everyone to visit.

Reasons to Visit Cardiff – Conclusion

After reading this post, you’ve hopefully been inspired to go and visit the amazing city of Cardiff! Which reasons to visit Cardiff did you like the most? Are there any reasons to visit Cardiff that you can think of and believe that they deserve a mention? Let me know by leaving a comment down below! If you liked this post and would like to read some other similar posts, then this is what I’d recommend:

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