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7 BEST Things To Do in Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat is a beautiful town located on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. It is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to, so if you’re thinking of going (and you should!), here are the 7 best things to do in Cavtat, Croatia.

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How Far is Cavtat from Dubrovnik

Cavtat is about 19km to Dubrovnik by road, making it really close! In fact, Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is located closer to Cavtat than Dubrovnik, so if you’re thinking of visiting Dubrovnik, then I’d highly recommend staying in Cavtat as it’s much quieter.

You can reach Dubrovnik from Cavtat by bus, which takes about 40 minutes and costs about £3 each way.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could take a boat from Cavtat to Dubrovnik, which takes about 45 minutes and is very relaxing (if you don’t get seasick!). It costs about £13 for a return. Remember, boats can get cancelled depending on the weather conditions.

A taxi costs about £32 to Dubrovnik, so it’s one of the more pricey options.

The Best Restaurants in Cavtat, Croatia

pile of shrimps on plates

What are the best restaurants in Cavtat? There are so many to choose from, so, here are some of the best:

  1. Leut – This is a very cosy family restaurant that was founded in 1971. They serve delicious Meditarainan food that is made with the highest quality ingredients and care.
  2. La Boheme – There is a very wide range of dishes on offer here to suit lots of tastes! If you’re looking for some traditional Croatian food, La Boheme is a perfect choice!
  3. Posejdon – With stunning views and food on offer, Posejdon is one of the best restaurants in Cavtat. They serve a whole range of meals, such as healthy breakfasts, lunches, romantic dinners and amazing cocktails!
  4. Restaurant Zino – This is one of the best places if you want seafood! The menu has so many different flavours to offer and the service is excellent – you will definitely feel cared for here.
  5. Konoba Kolona – A family-owned restaurant since 1985, you will have some of the best food you’ve ever had in your life here. There are various fresh fish and seafood choices, meat dishes, and vegetables from local farmers, as well as an à la carte menu if that’s more your thing.

The 7 Best Things To Do in Cavtat, Croatia

What are the best things to do in Cavtat, Croatia? Here are all the best things to do in Cavtat:

1. Explore Cavtat Old Town

best things to do in Cavtat

Cavtat Old Town is beautifully located right next to the harbour – making it very picturesque. There are plenty of little shops to explore and buy some souvenirs from, as well as amazing Croatian restaurants and bars dotted around.

2. Take a Boat Ride

white speedboat on body of water

There are lots of boat rides you can take from Cavtat. There are some that go to Dubrovnik, around the bay, boat rides to take you snorkelling, or you can even rent your own! Many of the boat rides are very reasonably priced, at around £10-15 for an hour, depending on the type you choose.

Some good businesses are: Triton Tourism Agency, Cavtat Boat and Gabriel Watersports

3. Swim In The Sea

best things to do in Cavtat

There are so many swimming points located around Cavtat that are great for any type of swimmer. The water is so clear and beautiful – sometimes you can even see fish! If swimming isn’t your thing, then there are also lots of places to just sit and relax, as well as plenty of bars serving delicious smoothies and cocktails with great music.

4. Go Sea Kayaking

best things to do in Cavtat

If you want to do something a little more adventurous, then sea kayaking is another great way to explore! All of the guides from Sea Kayaking Cavtat are trained by the International Sea Kayak Guide Association – so you know you will be in safe hands. These group tours are a very fun way to see Cavtat from a different angle!

5. Hike up Cavtat Cemetary

best things to do in Cavtat

So this might seem a bit of a weird thing to include in a ‘best things to do in Cavtat’ list, but hear me out – the cemetery is really unique and offers a great viewpoint of the sea and town. The hike isn’t too bad, but I’d recommend doing it in the evening when the heat is manageable. Remember, it is still a cemetery, so please be respectful.

6. Church of St Nicholas

crucifix illustration

This Church is very spectacular, both inside and outside. It’s from the 15th century, and the baroque interior is filled full of impressive paintings from well-known artists. It is free to visit, but donations are always welcome!

7. Vlaho Bukovac House

best things to do in cavtat

Vlaho Bukovac House is a must-visit for lovers of 19th-century art. It is perfectly decorated, and there are plenty of paintings to admire. A visit here takes around an hour in total, and it is such a nice hidden gem to visit. There is a small entry fee, but if you have a Dubrovnik Card, then the entry is free.

Have you ever been to Cavtat? What were the best things to do in Cavtat to you? If you liked this post, then you might also like:

*Some links are affiliates, meaning I make a commission if you buy through them – at no extra cost for you 😉

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