Estrid Razor – Honest Review

*Gifted by Estrid – but all views are my own.

Estrid is a vegan razor subscription company where every purchase makes a difference. I had been seeing lots of people post about their razors all over Instagram and YouTube, so I really wanted to try them! Luckily enough, Estrid gifted me a starter kit to try – so here’s my honest review.

“Choosing Estrid means choosing better for your body, our animal friends, and the planet.”

Estrid as a Company:

Estrid is a Swedish company founded by Amanda Westerbom. It specialises in razor subscription boxes. However, they also have other products such as body oil, body lotion and shave cream. All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free – which is always excellent! If that isn’t good enough, their shipping is free and climate compensated – meaning that they make a financial contribution to investing in climate measures equivalent to the emissions shipping produces (basically offsetting). Additionally, for every purchase, Estrid donates 1% to Women For Women International, a charity that women survivors of war rebuild their lives and create their futures.

What I Liked:

The razors have a choice of 5 colours. These are; Space (lavender), Cloud (silver), Peach, Lemonade (yellow) and Bloom (pink). I chose the Bloom because I love pink and thought it’d look cute on my shower wall. The starter kit contained a wall holder, 2 blades, an instruction manual, and the razor. I thought the packaging was very nice and aesthetic whilst also being good for the environment. It arrived pretty fast – within about a week, and I knew exactly what it was as soon as it came through my letterbox. I liked that the outside box was colourful and kept up with their aesthetic, as often, some companies don’t think about this aspect – but then again, it doesn’t really affect me if a company does this or not as I usually recycle it anyway.

The razor handle is very smooth and heavier than I expected. If you’ve been using disposable razors, then it’s quite a drastic difference. Its heaviness makes it feel more sturdy and like a quality product. I also have a feeling that the handle will last a good couple of years due to this aspect, therefore making it even better for the environment. The razor blade was already fitted to the handle, which was very convenient (more on that later!). It didn’t smell of anything either, which might be a strange observation for you, but it’s fantastic for me as I hate the smell of metal!

There is a strip at the top on the blades that helps to smooth the skin. The strip is also the part that is vegan as some razors use animal by-products in the ingredients sometimes. Their strip contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help nourish and moisturise the skin. I personally can’t tell that when I used it if the strip made a difference or not, but it definitely felt much nicer than a razor blade without a strip! The blade also contains 5 blades within it, making for a more precise, smooth cut.

I also loved the wall holder. To me, this was one of the best things – so simple but so smart! Being able to put the razor in the shower instead of remembering to take a razor in with me is so convenient. My shower doesn’t have any shelves, so I’ve always had to balance things on the side – and with an uncovered razor, that could be very dangerous. There have been multiple times where I’ve accidentally dropped my razors and almost slipped onto them. Therefore, with the wall holder, I feel like it also offers safety along with convenience. My razor fits perfectly and just slides out and in with ease. I’m glad it came in the starter pack for free.

Shaving was good as the head was flexible enough, and the cut was precise and clean. My skin felt very smooth after, and I liked using the razor as it made me feel ‘boujee’ due to me seeing it as a more high-end brand. I liked the whole experience of getting to choose your colour and how lovely the packaging and wall holder was. Now, on to what I didn’t like…

What I Didn’t Like as Much:

As much as I liked everything I stated above, there was naturally some things I wasn’t particularly keen on either. For instance, I felt there could’ve been more razor blades in the starter kit – maybe 4 altogether. However, I do think it was a fair amount. I also found it a bit tricky to get the head on and off, but there are lots of tutorials online and instructions in the book on how to do it – it was more of a me thing.

For travelling, there is the option to purchase a case on their website, which is always handy! I feel as if the razor would be sturdy and survive the whole journey – no matter where you are in the world. Although, some people may find the razor a bit bulky and heavy for travel which is something to keep in mind.

Compared to FFS, one of Estrids competitors, I feel like FFS gives more in their overall subscription. In my starter kit with FFS, I was given 4 blades and a free name engraving. In their subscription, a free gift comes with every delivery. They also let the user choose whether or not they want to swap 2 razors with another product for the same price of Β£9.95 – something, I believe, Estrid does not offer as of yet. FFS and Estrid have the same prices for subscriptions, but the starter kit is cheaper for Estrid. Both companies also have a lovely customer service team, where I have had nothing but excellent experiences! Estrid and FFS have beautiful website designs, but I feel as though Estrid’s design is more user friendly and feels nicer to look at.

Estrid wins when it comes to the choice of colours – as I like their colours more than what FFS offers. I also like the wall holder more than FFS, and I feel that the packaging with Estrid felt a little more upmarket and, therefore, like a nicer experience overall.

In the future, it would be nice if Estrid could think about offering engravings as I know many people who have an Estrid razor, and it could easily get mixed up if going for a sleepover or holiday with friends. It would also be nice to offer a small gift in their subscription boxes. However, these are minor things and didn’t affect the overall experience at all – it’s just what came to mind as I have experienced FFS as well.

Estrid Razor, Estrid packaging and a little note that says 'What's cooking, good looking?''. Everything is pink.
Outer packaging, razor and little note.


Overall, I am delighted with my Estrid razor and don’t think there are any improvements to the razor itself to be made. I love Estrids’ values and ethos and hope other companies choose to implement these types of values in the future. I’d happily recommend Estrid to a friend, or buy a friend the starter kit as a gift! I’m looking forward to what they have planned for the future.

My rating out of 10:


Have you ever used a razor subscription? Which one did you use? What Estrid colour is your favourite?

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Full disclosure: I am not paid to write a review about Estrid. I haven’t agreed to write it in exchange for complimentary products. There is no obligation to tell anyone that I have received free Estrid products at all. I’m just writing this review to help inform others when it comes to choosing to purchase a product.

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