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Millets Falconry Centre – Review

Located just a 25-minute drive outside of Oxford, Millets Falconry Centre is the perfect day out for any bird lover – and they also have other fantastic animals there too!

What is Millets Falconry Centre?

Millets Farm Falconry Centre is one of the biggest centres in Oxfordshire for falconry and other wildlife. There are flying demonstrations on at the centre every day and plenty of other hands-on experiences to suit everyone!

What’s more, is that Millets also support conservation – making them a top choice to visit. For example, they are members of the International Vulture Programme, which works with partners globally in order to help conserve some of the most endangered species on the planet. They also take part in breeding programmes and aim to increase understanding of the issues involved in conservation, as well as support wild field conservation efforts through various fundraising events.

Where is Millets Falconry Centre located?

Millets Falconry Centre

Where is Millets Falconry Centre located? Great question! Luckily, Millets Falconry Centre is very easy to get to if you’re in a car. The closest A-roads are the A420 and A34, and Oxford is the closest city. Millets Falconry Centre can be found at Millets Farm Centre, which also has a free car park that can fit over 800 cars!

If you’re travelling by car, this is the address you will need:

Millets Farm Centre, Kingston Road, Frilford, Nr Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 5HB

There is also a regular bus service that stops at Millets Farm Centre –Stagecoach’s number 15 service! This bus travels from Abingdon and Witney to Millets Farm Centre daily, click here for the schedule. Alternatively, you can also get off at Budgens Garage/Petrol station and walk along the path to Millets Farm, which takes around 10 minutes in total.

Are there just birds at Millets Falconry Centre?

Millets Falconry Centre

Are there just birds at Millets Falconry Centre? Millets’ have over 100 different species of creatures – not just birds. They have racoons, reptiles, monkeys, meerkats, skunks and fish also – so you’ll get to show off your knowledge about so many!

There is also a gift shop, farm shop, children’s play area and restaurant too at Millets Farm Centre, so after viewing all the amazing animals – your day doesn’t just finish there!

Millets Falconry Centre Private Owl Experience Review

Millets Falconry Centre

I was lucky enough to be gifted my very own private owl encounter for my birthday, and in May, I finally got to have the experience! The day began with first meeting the lovely falconer who would be showing me around and helping handle the beautiful owls!

The experience first started with meeting two adorable burrowing owls – Joe and Joe! I got a chance to step foot inside their aviary, where I was then allowed to hold them with the glove and was told all about their lifestyle in nature, them as individuals – as well as how they got their names!

Next up, it was time for a flying demonstration with Quintessa the Ash-faced Owl and another cute owl that was afraid of Kites! This was such a fun experience as it was amazing to see them soar through the air and land on your arm!

Millets Falconry Centre

After the flying experience, I then got the chance to meet Rollo, the Brown Asian Wood Owl – who was so much heavier than the other owls so far. It was so interesting to learn all about each owl’s personality and where they have personally come from.

At the end of the experience, I got to meet the newest owl, who was only 6 weeks old! She was so cute and fluffy, and it was so lovely getting to see her toddle around for a bit and stretch her wings. I definitely recommend the Private Owl Encounter to anyone who loves animals and wants to learn more about them! My falconer was amazing! She was so kind and friendly – and knew so many interesting things about them and definitely made the experience so much better!

What I liked about Millets:

Millets Falconry Centre

I really liked Millets Falconry Centre so much! It was in a great location for me – very close to Oxford and had beautiful countryside surroundings. The fact that it also was the only thing to do there as the Millets Farm Centre also had other attractions made it even better as it felt like everything was all in one place.

The owl experience was amazing, and I learned so much from it! All the staff I came across were really friendly and informative to any questions I had during my visit. I also loved the wide variety of animals that they had here – especially the racoons and monkeys!

It was also quite quiet when I visited, which was really good as it felt more intimate and personable – but I was a bit surprised because I visited on a Friday in late May, so would’ve thought it’d be busier.

What I didn’t like so much:

In all honesty, my day out at Millets Falconry Centre was perfect! If I were to choose something that I didn’t like, then maybe I’d have to choose the location. I feel like it might be difficult for people to reach if they didn’t have a car – however, that’s not Millets’ fault as they can’t help being placed where they are and it’s also more suitable for the birds to be in the countryside. Therefore, you can be sure of a great day out at Millets!

Who is Millets suitable for?

Millets Falconry Centre is suitable for most people – if you like birds! It’s suitable for the whole family and makes for a great date idea too. The paths are not very wide and can be uneven at certain times, so this is just something to bear in mind if you have accessibility issues.

It is important to note that some experiences do have minimum age requirements, so please check before booking!

If you’d like to find out more about Millets Falconry Centre, here are their links:

Millets Farm Falconry Centre Facebook

Millets Falconry Twitter

Millets Falconry Instagram

Is there anything else to do nearby?

What things to do are there near Millets Falconry Centre? Yes, there is plenty of things to do nearby! If you love animals and want to see more, then Crocodiles Of The World is a great choice for you. I’d also recommend that you go to Oxford for the day as it’s very close by and there are lots of great things to do!

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