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When you stay somewhere new, are you always worried about how clean the accommodation will be? If so, then BDBUD is the website you need! In this post, you’ll find out all about the services BDBUD offers and why you should use them for your next trip!

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About BDBUD:

BDBUD was created due to its founders’ personal preferences when it comes to staying in clean places whilst travelling. BDBUD’s team has a passion for data mining, which is a process used by companies to turn raw data into useful information. Therefore, the BDBUD system searches the internet looking for accommodation that has been said to ‘not be very clean’ and doesn’t display them on their system. What makes it even better is that their system cross-checks all of the data, meaning that if one guest leaves a bad review, then it won’t automatically exclude the establishment – they don’t want to punish any establishment at all!

How To Use BDBUD:

BDBUD is very user-friendly, which makes it easy to use! To search on BDBUD, all you need to do is visit their search page, type in the location you want to find accommodation for and viola! All the hotels that are rated ‘clean’ are available to you! What’s more, is that the hotels show up on a map, which makes it very effective if you’re looking for accommodation in a specific area, or close to certain services and businesses.

There is often a video on the location you search, and there is a very handy weather forecast feature that is perfect if you’re planning a last-minute getaway and need to know what type of clothes to pack.


My Review of BDBUD:

Overall, I found BDBUD’s website and search service very easy to use. I love the colour scheme of the website, and I feel like it stands out amongst other travel-related websites. The website loads very fast, and there is lot’s of helpful information about the location after the initial search. Everything is uncomplicated to find, and their team is super friendly, informative and helpful – if you have any issues, they will definitely sort them out for you as soon as possible and to the highest standard!

I had never heard of a system like BDBUD’s before, which makes it very unique and interesting. BdBud is available for almost every country – which is so useful! I’ve done a few searches on their search system of previous places I’ve stayed at – some that I would call clean and some that I wouldn’t. Amazingly, every place that I considered dirty didn’t show up in the searches, which just goes to prove that BDBUD has a system that works! I know that going forward, I will use BDBUD for every trip I make now, as it’s just so reliable and effortless to use.

The only minor thing that I wish BDBUD could have is an app. I feel like this would make searching for accommodation even more straightforward, especially when on the go. However, as they are a reasonably new company, then I feel like they will develop an app in the future. It isn’t a huge issue, though, and I’m happy with just the website!

Who I recommend it for:

I would recommend BDBUD to anyone who is staying somewhere new for the first time! Who wouldn’t want to stay somewhere clean? They even have budget accommodation available on there, so it really is for everyone who can have the ability to travel in whatever form, for whatever budget.

It’s also free, which is amazing! I haven’t used a free tool as good as BDBUD’s in years, so do yourself a favour and use their search tool – what do you have to lose? Go ahead and give it ago!

BDBUD Website –

Twitter: @bdbudder

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