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London – The Best Instagramable Spots!

Visiting London and want to get awesome photos for Instagram? Even if you don’t have Instagram, who doesn’t want to get lovely photos? In this post, you’ll find out about some of the best Instagramable spots – I’ve even made you a free map of the places!

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Iconic Photos:

The London Bridge/ Tower Bridge:

london bridge
The London Bridge/ Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge – mistakingly called The London Bridge (although the real London Bridge is much less impressive) is an iconic symbol of London. Therefore, if you want to get the best photos for it, you’ll want nobody else in the photo – which can be tricky as it’s usually busy with tourists. Luckily, I’ve found the perfect spot to get the bridge in – with no one else in the photo! To find the spot in the photo, you will have to go to the south (over the Thames – the London Eye side). It is located on a road called ‘Shad Thames’ and is next to ‘Anchor Brewhouse Horsleydown’. There should be restaurant seating to the left. Check out the location on the map for the precise location.

Be sure to play around with different angles and poses – especially if you want to get the wall out. I’m not sure if I like the wall in the background, but it adds to the ‘London vibe’.

The London Eye:

Me with the london eye behind me

When it comes to the London Eye, there are millions of places you could take a photo with it in. Although, I think the best locations for photos of the London Eye are the places in the photos above. To get to the first location – with the London Eye up close is very easy. You actually have to go to the London Eye to take them – sort of. The park where it was taken is called Jubilee Park & Garden. Again, you will have to play around with angles to get the whole eye in! The park was very quiet, even at mid-day, so you will likely not get many people in the background

For the second photo, the location is over the Thames along Victoria Embankment. Anywhere along here will be good for a photo with the London Eye and the Thames as there is a wall you can go up to, so no one will be behind you.

The Thames:

Me posing with a cat statue and the Thames behind me.
me posing on a wall with the Thames behind me

The Thames is one of the most well-known rivers in the world. In the photos above, the weather was very foggy, but you can just about see The Shard and The Gherkin in the background. On a clearer day, the photos would look so much more effective but I’m happy with these as I feel like the fog and ice grey skies match the Thames and have an atmosphere.

To get to these locations, the first photo (with the cute cat statue) is located in Bermondsey, next to Bermondsey Beach. There are other sculptures in the area too as it’s a tribute to Dr Salter and his family. Please see the map, for the exact location.

The second photo is located in a place called ‘King’s Stairs Gardens’. It is very easy to find if you are in the Rotherhithe/ Bermondsey area of London – if not, I wouldn’t bother walking all this way for the photo. There are plenty of other London Instagram spots along the Thames.

Art-y Photos:

Angel Wings:

me with colourful angel wings behind me.

These beautiful street art angel wings are located on the side of The Brunel Pub, Rotherhithe. It was painted by the talented @shakensoda. There are plenty of other street art paintings in the area that are just as amazing and worth checking out too!


Chinatown has amazing photo opportunities! There are always red lanterns hanging, neon signs and Chinese architecture everywhere you turn. However, it is usually insanely busy – especially at night. This means that you will most likely get others in the background of your pics unless you go very early on a summer day. Don’t take this as a disadvantage though – it shows the ‘real’ version of Chinatown.

Free Map:

If you want to visit any of these locations, I’ve made a free map of them just for you! You can access it here.

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Tell me about your best London Instagram places below!

*Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I get some commission if you buy through them – at no extra cost to you πŸ˜‰

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