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The Best Photo Spots in Malaga

Everywhere in Malaga is so photogenic – you’re going to want to make sure you have battery to take amazing photos! Luckily to help you keep your battery as long as possible, I’ve made a list of all the best photo spots in Malaga!

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Caminito del Rey

caminito del rey

Okay, so Caminito del Rey is technically not in Malaga, but it is very close to it! It is the perfect place to get unique photos – and will be sure to impress everyone you come across. You will have to buy tickets, but they are very cheap and it’s more worth it for the experience than the photo’s to be completely honest – but both are amazing! Check out my previous post on Caminito del Rey.

The Malaga Sign!

Tourists love this one for obvious reasons – it has a great background and is easy to get to! It’s located near to the entrance of the Roman Theatre, up some stairs. I also love the fact that you are the ‘L’ in Malaga. It’s a must-have Malaga photo!

City View – Alcazaba

view of malaga

This is a photo location that guarantees amazing photos! It is located near the Malaga sign, up some steps and along the outside of the Alcazaba. It looks amazing with the city behind you! If you angle it right, you can get the Roman Theatre, palm trees and the Cathedral behind you – which looks so cultural.

A Boat View

malaga at sea

Photos from a boat offer such a different perspective on Malaga. Make sure to tie your hair up if it’s a windy day – it gets windier out at sea! Check out my post all about Malaga for more information on the boat tours you can take.


malaga photo flowers

There are so many beautiful flowers spilling over the walls in Malaga! You will find it very hard to resist taking a photo or two. The best flowers I saw, were on the walk up to Gilbafaro castle and through the tunnel on the way back down, near Alcazaba.

Marques de Larios

malaga photo spot

This is one of the main streets of Malaga! It is filled to the brim with trendy shops and restaurants so you’ll have plenty to do. Now, I’m not sure if these decorations are always on this street, or if they are just for Christmas, however, I went at the end of January and they were still there. They look amazing in photos and I’ve never seen such a pretty street!


Everywhere at Alcazaba is good for photos! In particular, I loved the windows because they’re open and have an amazing view. Be sure to go at the right time of day though, as it can get very busy. Remember, you can always lighten up your photos afterwards – which is something I need to do with this pic!

Have you ever been to Malaga? Tell me about your favourite photo spots there! Do you have any good photo tips? If you liked this post, check out:

*Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get paid some commission if you buy through them – at no extra cost to you πŸ˜‰

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