De Vere Jubilee Conference Centre Nottingham Hotel – Review

Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel is located in Nottingham University’s Jubilee Campus. It is a part of the De Vere business, best known for priding themselves on country estate hotels and modern exec centres all over the UK. I was lucky enough to stay for a weekend, and here’s what I thought!

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Why I visited Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

I spent a weekend at the Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel, and I’m so glad I did! I was able to stay because I am a panel member and every year they do a residential weekend for their members. During the weekend I got to spend time in the hotel, conference centre, surrounding grounds and the restaurant – so hopefully I can provide you with a really thorough review! If you’d like to read more about my residential weekend at Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel, just click here!

The Room at Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

I stayed in the double room and had it all to myself! It was very spacious and the bed was very comfortable. Upon checking in, I was given a keycard and information on the restaurants and gym facilities on a piece of paper. The man at check-in was really friendly and helpful, which is always a good sign! The bed was really comfortable and so was the pillow – but I did find it a bit too firm (hey, I’m only being a bit picky because this is a review after all!).

One thing that was a little bit annoying was that in the morning the room was really warm because the windows didn’t open very much and there wasn’t a fan in my room, but I think there was a fan in some rooms? This wasn’t too much of a problem though and only came down to my personal preference. I also liked that there was a hairdryer and ironing set in the cupboard.

Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

The bathroom was so spacious and the towels were very clean and dried really well! The soaps provided spelt really nice and it was nice to stay in a hotel with a bath, as I’ve never stayed in one with a bath before. One thing about the bathroom that I didn’t like very much is that the drain in the sink is in a bit of a weird position so it would take a while to drain the water. It was really good that the bath doubled as a shower and had a clean shower curtain and anti-slip mat.

Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

It was great that there were tea and coffee making facilities – and also 2 biscuits too! I didn’t use the drink making facilities, but there was a wide selection of different teas available, such as earl grey, English and berry!

The Conference Centre

The conference centre was so spacious! There were lots of seating and it was very open and bright from the sunlight shining in. There were lots of different rooms for meetings and conferences, ranging from small to big – so there really was something to suit every need.

One thing that I wasn’t very keen on was that because of the glass, it did get really warm and a bit uncomfortable because of this – however, this is only a really minor thing and didn’t affect my overall experience. I also found it slightly offputting that the rooms were quite visible to others walking past, however, I did like how light and spacious they felt because of the glass, so it’s a bit of a pro and a con.

I loved how quiet it also was here. The entire weekend, I hardly saw anyone else who wasn’t on the residential with me. The seating at the conference centre was very comfortable, and there was a projector screen as well as whiteboards and boards to pin things onto!

The Grounds at Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

The Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel is perfectly located in Nottingham University’s Jubilee Campus. It is a beautiful campus and has lots of nature and unique buildings surrounding it. To travel to the hotel, I went in a taxi, which took around 10 minutes as it was located quite far away. There is a Lidl, McDonald’s and Greggs situated about a 15-minute walk away and the walk is simple and straightforward. Also, there were lots of Too Good To Go options too!

I felt safe all the time walking through campus, and it was really quiet – even on a Friday and Saturday night which is unexpected with student campuses! Don’t tell my university, but I wish I was studying here because it’s all just so beautiful.

I loved that there was a stunning lake right next to the centre and there were lots of adorable wildlife, such as ducks and massive fish! If you visit in the Spring or Summer time, I really recommend that you bring a book with you because it’s such a peaceful location.

The Restaurant at Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

The restaurant at Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel is also known as Spokes. It serves handmade food, and there is also a cafe that serves great drinks! For breakfast, there were lots of freshly prepared food such as your traditional English breakfast, cereals, pastries, yoghurts and fruit.

I didn’t feel like there were many breakfast options for vegetarians, and I’m also lactose intolerant, so couldn’t have yoghurt. I did think the pastries were so delicious, though, and I looked forward to them each morning.

It was great that Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel also offered an ‘After Hours’ menu. The food offered on this menu sounded really nice and was also a reasonable price of Β£8-Β£12. If I were to stay again, I’d really love to try some of the food there.

I loved that the restaurant felt cosy, and the decorations, such as the fairy lights, made it so much nicer. Though, one thing that could maybe be improved is changing where staff stand in the morning. I walked past them because I didn’t see them (also a mix of tiredness), and it was so embarrassing to me – that’s more of a me problem, but I did see it happen to a few other people.

What I liked

Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

I really liked that the Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel took notice of other people’s needs and cared about the environment, as seen by the door hangers! I’ve never seen that before at any other hotel I’ve stayed at. It was also great how open and airy the whole hotel and conference centre was. The staff were really friendly, and I really loved how comfortable the bed was!

The drink-making facilities and biscuits were a great touch, and I loved that there was a TV facing the bed. Having a TV in the room was a great way to relax and unwind after soaking in the amazing bath! If I had to stay at Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel again, I would definitely come back!

The WiFi was super fast and easy to connect to. I also found the check-in/ check-out process very easy and simple, as well as very handy that they had a luggage storage facility! Overall, the entire stay was perfect!

What I didn’t like

Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel
Jubilee Conference Centre Hotel

There were also a few things about the hotel that I didn’t like so much; however, these are only minor things and didn’t affect my overall stay. The first thing that I wasn’t too keen on was that there were 2 marks on the bedsheets; however, one looked like it was a stain (probably permanent), and I didn’t want to know what the other was. It wasn’t too much of a problem, and I’m sure if I let the staff know, they would replace it for me. A pen in the room would’ve been great too!

The TV was great, and there was also Netflix and Amazon Prime on it, but mine wasn’t working, which was a bit annoying. I know a few other TVs had the same issue; however, some didn’t, so I couldn’t work out why that was. This really wasn’t too much of an issue, though. It would’ve been good if the mirror above the TV was removed and the TV was fixed to the wall as I feel like there was no need for 2 mirrors.

One major thing that would’ve made the room so much better is plug sockets by the beds. In today’s day and age, it’s a bit of a hassle to have to stand over the other side of the room to charge your phone. I appreciate that this is such a luxury of a problem to have, though.

As stated before, these are all minor things and only come down to my personal opinion. They really weren’t too much of a big deal, and I would definitely stay here again.

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