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Travelodge London Central Kings Cross – Review

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross is a great budget place to stay if you’re visiting London and want to stay somewhere central. Keep on reading to hear an honest review of my stay in the Travelodge and what you need to know!

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Travelodge London Central Kings Cross Room

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross

Stepping into the room, the first thing I noticed was how large and spacious the room was – it was a bit surprising, especially as the building looked quite small on the outside. There was a kettle in the corner of the room with tea, coffee and milk, and the glasses were clean. The room also had a TV too, which was very nice for chilling and watching in bed.

Additionally, there was a menu on the desk about food that you can order and what you can have for breakfast in the morning…this was a little misleading, but I’ll get to that in a minute!

I loved that there were plug sockets by the bed and that you don’t need to put the keycard into the wall in order to generate electricity – something that can be a bit annoying if you have devices you want to charge whilst out.

The bed was very comfortable, and the pillows and the blankets were very fluffy and warm. Additionally, there were other pillows on the shelf in case you wanted extra – which I didn’t need, but thought would be useful for some people.

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross

The bathroom was also very clean and spacious. The shower wasn’t detachable, which was a bit of a shame if you’re a girl with long hair that you don’t want to get wet. There was also shower gel to use and a big mirror which was nice. I was supplied with three towels, which is a good amount.

Furthermore, the room also came with some door hangers to hang on the door if you wanted more towels or if you wanted to be left alone by the cleaners.

The room was very quiet, although sometimes you could hear people being a bit loud in the corridor – this wasn’t really an issue, though. I felt that the view was a little bit unpleasant, but you can’t really expect a beautiful view when staying in older buildings in central London. It definitely didn’t impact the room too much.

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross Breakfast

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross

The unlimited breakfast cost around Β£6 and was a little bit of a letdown. On the menu, the breakfast came across like you’d be able to order most of it, and it’d be freshly cooked and served to you; however, when I went down there, it was all laid out to serve. I didn’t mind this too much, but I wanted warm pancakes; instead, they were cold and stuck together.

There were not too many tables, which could be an issue. Luckily, breakfast at London Central Kings Cross Travelodge is served from 7 am to 10 am, meaning there’s plenty of time for everyone to eat.

On offer for breakfast, there were different cereal boxes to choose such as Cornflakes and Rice Crispies, pancakes, toast, and pastries. Additionally, there was a hot drink machine serving lattes, hot chocolate and other hot drinks, as well as a juice machine.

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross Location

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross is perfectly located just over the road from Kings Cross. It is just a 7-minute walk away from the Kings Cross Underground Station and is ideal if you need to get to St Pancreas early in the morning or if you’re arriving late.

There are lots of great shops located nearby, such as a Co-Op just over the road, a Starbucks, KFC, Mcdonald’s, and plenty more. I believe that there is also a car park that you can pay for if staying at Travelodge, but the prices are quite steep – about Β£37 for 24 hours!

What I liked:

Overall, I thought that all of the staff at Travelodge London Kings Cross Central were really friendly and nice – which is always amazing! I also loved the location of the Travelodge, as everything was right at the doorstep. The bed was very comfortable, and the room was quiet. There were even blackout curtains, so the light wouldn’t wake me up in the morning (I had a tiring night out, so this was bliss to me).

I also liked that the rooms felt very safe. There was lots of security in order to get into the rooms, which is always very reassuring when you’re travelling solo, especially as a girl. Additionally, the check-out process was really simple, as all I had to do was drop the card in the box.

What could’ve been better:

Although my stay was very good, I do feel like there could be some minor improvements made that would’ve made my stay even better. For instance, the shower not being detachable was a bit annoying, but a quick and easy step they could take is to offer shower caps in the bathroom in order to solve this issue.

I also felt that the breakfast wasn’t worth Β£6, especially as there was a Co-op over the road, where you could get a pastry for 70p or other foods for cheap. This could just be down to personal preference, though, as I am quite a picky eater – so take it with a pinch of salt!

What’s more, is that I did think it was a bit cheeky to have to pay Β£3 for WiFi. You do get the first 30 minutes free, but this isn’t much. I feel that with the price of the room, WiFi should be included. It’s understandable if Travelodge does not want people who aren’t staying there to not use their WiFi – but they could just make it password-protected if this is the case.

To conclude, I definitely would stay in Travelodge London Central Kings Cross again, and I would definitely recommend it to others. It’s in the perfect location and is ideal for a good night’s sleep if you’re looking for somewhere central to stay in London.

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross Address:

The Travelodge London Central Kinds Cross Address is: Willings House, 356-364 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, WC1X 8BH, United Kingdom.

Travelodge London Central Kings Cross Phone Number:

The Travelodge London Central Kings Cross phone number is: 08719 846256.

Travelodge London Kings Cross Review – Conclusion

Overall, this post has hopefully helped you decide where you would like to stay if you’re visiting London! Have you ever stayed in Travelodge London Kings Cross? If so, what did you think of the hotel? Feel free to contact me if you’d like any further information. If you liked this post, you might also like to read:

*All the opinions in this review are my own.

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