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Premier Inn Brixton – Review

Premier Inn Brixton is the perfect hotel to stay in if you’re exploring London or going to a gig at the O2 Academy. I stayed for a bit of both, so read on for my intensive review:

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The Room of Premier Inn Brixton:

Premier Inn Brixton

The room at the Premier Inn was very spacious and clean. However, when I first walked in, I did notice a strong smell – though it may have been cleaning products, and luckily it disappeared soon after. I loved the lights as I felt that there was a light for every scenario – the purple lights were great in the dark to not hurt your eyes!

The bed was big and comfy, and the sheets were very clean. It was the perfect way to relax after my Marina concert. I loved that the TV was directly across from the bed, mounted onto the wall as it was the perfect height. The curtains were good to blackout the room although the view wasn’t the best – this wasn’t too much of a problem as it’s London, so you can expect that from most hotel views.

The extra sofabed was a nice touch and was very relaxing to lie down on when I wasn’t in my Pj’s just yet. It was also great that the plug sockets were on each side of the bed, as it’s always a bit of an inconvenience when they’re not.

Premier Inn Brixton

The desk was a good added touch, although, to be completely honest, I only used it to lay my makeup out on! There was also a USB cable plug near the desk, which is great for travellers who have forgotten their plug or if they’re international.

One thing that was a bit off-putting was the fact that it looked like the desk wasn’t cleaned properly and that there seemed to be crumbs from the previous guest. Although, I’m not sure if it actually was crumbs or just small chips in the wood as there wasn’t a lot.

Premier Inn Brixton

The bathroom was also very spacious. I loved the fact that there were a lot of towels provided and the option of whether to shower or have a bath. The shower curtain was also very clean and wasn’t mouldy in the slightest, which is something to look out for in some hotels.

One disadvantage with the bathroom was that the toilet paper was really thin. I know that Premier Inn is “budget”, but I feel that spending a little bit extra on the toilet paper would make a massive difference to the overall experience of the stay.

The Location of Premier Inn Brixton:

Where is Premier Inn Brixton located? Premier Inn Brixton is located in such a convenient location. It is only about a 5-minute walk away from the Brixton Underground station, and there are plenty of bus stops all around.

It is around a 10-minute walk to the O2 Academy Brixton, across the road from the Electric Brixton, Black Cultural Archives and Ritzy Cinema. What’s more is that there are also lots of shops nearby such as a Sainsbury’s Local, Boots, Poundland and H&M, meaning that if you need something – you’ll probably be able to find it!

What I liked about Premier Inn Brixton:

Premier Inn Brixton

I really liked that the Premier Inn Brixton had tea and coffee making facilities, as this is quite a rare thing to have in a budget hotel. It would’ve been great if they could’ve included some different tea flavours, hot chocolate or some biscuits too, as I’m not the biggest tea or coffee fan, but that’s just me being picky.

The cups, mugs, spoons and kettles were all really clean, which is always reassuring. I also liked that they had lots of different types of sugar and also sweeteners, as often you’re only given one choice.

Premier Inn Brixton

It’s always really nice if a hotel has food options, especially if when you arrive it’s late at night! I had a look at some of the menu, and the food was reasonable cheap (especially considering it’s London) and sounded really tasty.

One thing that I didn’t find very good value for money was the breakfast, which was Β£8.50 for a continental one and Β£11.50 for one with meat. It was unlimited, though, so for some, this would be a good deal. I, however, would prefer to get a cheap breakfast from the shop or from Too Good To Go, which is what I ended up doing.

What I didn’t like:

Premier Inn Brixton

A few things that I didn’t like about Premier Inn Brixton very much was the self-check-in desk. I really hated the screen and found it hard to type in letters with it. I also missed the human interaction; however, I think there is someone who is usually at the check-in desk, as there was when I checked out in the morning.

Additionally, I didn’t like the fact the light switches were metal as you could see where other people had touched them before, which was slightly off-putting.

The hotel was also located next to a bar that had a party going on, so I could hear the music through the walls from where my room was. Fortunately, the party ended at 10 pm whilst I was at my concert, so I didn’t hear anything when I returned. I don’t know how often the bar has parties on but I don’t think they would be on till late as otherwise, people would complain, but just bear it in mind if you are sensitive to noise or have kids.


Overall, my stay at Premier Inn Brixton was very positive. I really liked the room, loved the location and thought it was an amazing deal for the cheap price of Β£60 I paid. I felt safe all the time as there were around four layers of security to get to your room, which was reassuring. The check-in/out process was both very smooth and fast.

I would choose to stay here again the next time I visit London, and I think it’s an amazing, cheap place to stay if you’re going to a gig! I would recommend it to anyone!

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