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Energylandia Theme Park – 10 Major Things You Need to Know

Energylandia is one of the best theme parks in Poland – and the biggest! It first opened on July 14th 2014, and has been hugely successful since. It’s a great day out for almost everyone, so definitely try and visit if you can – and make sure to read this post all about Energylandia and the 10 major things you need to know!

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Where is Energylandia?


Where is Energylandia? Energylandia is located in Zator, Lesser Poland. The major cities that Energylandia is located near are Katowice, Krakow, and Oswiecim. It is also very close to Czechia, making it a great place to visit if you are nearby!

How do you get to Energylandia?

How do you get to Energylandia? Luckily, there are lots of ways to get to Energylandia!

By bus

There is a special bus that you can buy tickets for that depart from Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice, Wrocław, Szubin, Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Włocławek, Łódź and Częstochowa. These buses cost around a minimum of 39zl and a maximum of 140zl and include a return.

Click here to check the times and buy your bus ticket.

By car

Travelling by car to Energylandia is very simple. The nearest motorway is the A4, and it’s just a short journey from the motorway to reach the theme park. You can buy parking for 20zl a day either online or in person. Do NOT buy the parking ticket online if you are buying your ticket in advance, as the parking is only valid for that day, you can buy it online the day you visit.

The address to enter via SAT NAV is: ENERGYLANDIA, al. 3 maja 2, 32-640 Zator, woj. Małopolskie.

By train

You can also get to Energylandia by train, as the train station is in Zator, and there is a free shuttle from the train station to Energylandia at certain times of the day. The nearest train stations to Energylandia are: Kraków Central Station, Katowice Central Station, Oświęcim Railway Station and Wadowice Railway Station.

Click here to buy train tickets.

Energylandia Roller Coasters:


What roller coasters are at Energylandia? There are 17 rollercoasters in total and 52 attractions – and each has something different to offer!

Here are all of the roller coasters:

  1. Energuś
  2. Happy Loops
  3. RMF Dragon
  4. Boomerang
  5. Mars
  6. Frutti Loop
  7. Mayan
  8. Hyperion
  9. Speed
  10. Formula
  11. Viking
  12. Zadra
  13. Frida
  14. Draken
  15. Circus Coaster
  16. Honey Harbour
  17. Light Explorers

How much is Energylandia?

How much is Energylandia? Energylandia ticket prices are really good value. Here is the price list below with approximate conversions:

Regular179zl – £32
Discounted (under 140cm & seniors)129zl – £23
2-Day Pass319zl – £57
Discounted 2-Day Pass229zl – £41
Under 31zl – £0.18
Birthday Ticket (up to 18 years)1zl – £0.18
Pregnant Women129zl – £23
Disabilities under 12109zl – £19.53
Disabilities over 12129zl – £23
Bride and groom1zl – £0.18
Yearly ticket699zl – £125
Discounted yearly ticket499zl – £89

Energylandia food prices:

brown and red pepperoni pizza

The prices at Energylandia are surprisingly not too expensive for a theme park. Yes, they are more than what you would usually pay in Poland for a meal, but it’s less than in the UK if you were visiting a theme park there. It costs around 35zl (£6.30) for a big margarita pizza, but it’s enough to share between two people.

The drinks are what I found the most expensive – it was around 6zl (£1) just for a bottle of water and 10zl (£1.80) for a coke – still not too expensive, but you will get really thirsty walking around a lot.

You can also bring food into the park as they don’t check the bags, so I really recommend bringing some in a backpack if you want to save money.

Energylandia opening times:


What are the Energylandia opening times? The opening times at Energylandia are always changing depending on the season and events that are on. Generally, in the summer months (end of July – August) it is open from 10 am to 8 pm. On some select dates in the summer, the park stays open until 11 pm but check beforehand.

Usually, the park is closed in November, January, February, March and some dates in April. In December, the park is also closed on some dates, but they have a Winter Kingdom event, meaning the park is open on these dates.

Energylandia water park:

When visiting, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit as there is also a fantastic water park! Lockers and changing rooms are provided all around the waterpark, as well as showers to clean yourself before entering the water.

There are around 7 water slides in total, such as Tiki Fun, RMF Maxxx Kamikaze and Twister. Many of the slides have the option to ride with two people, which makes everything better.

There are also shallow pools and some deeper ones if you prefer to just take a dip before heading back onto the rides.



Every day, there are lots of different shows to watch to suit every taste. Some of the shows that are on at Energylandia are the: Aqua Show, Talent Show, Extreme Energylandia, Circo De La Luna, Fire Show and plenty more!

I really enjoyed Extreme Energylandia as it was great to see all the talented drivers with their vehicles, and they even came and signed autographs afterwards.

Later on, I also watched the Lost Island show, and even though it was in Polish (and my Polish is not very good), it was still fairly easy to understand what was happening. It was very nice to watch, and the people in the show were all very talented.

Energylandia review:

I personally loved visiting this theme park! I’m not really a roller coaster person…or so I thought until I visited. It was very easy to get to from Katowice and only took about an hour. I arrived a few minutes before the park opened, which was great because it meant I didn’t have to queue once the rides were officially open.

Energylandia lockers

I first bought a wristband for the lockers – these are such a great idea. It means you can drop off your bags before the ride and pick them up after, ensuring they’re safe and secure. It costs 10zl, and it’s worth it.

Next, I went to the back of the park and went to Zadra. If you want to avoid the queues, this is a major tip you should follow, as most people will start from the front of the park and get on the first ride they see.

What’s really useful is that there are also a few boards dotted around the park that show the waiting time for each ride, and it’s accurate too! Surprisingly, the longest time I had to wait for a ride was only 5 minutes – and I went in July when it was the school holidays.

The waterpark was a great place to relax for an hour from the rides, and there were lots of sunbeds to lounge on if you didn’t feel like swimming.


In Poland, it’s important to remember that most people eat dinner around 3 pm, so the restaurants on site can get really busy at these times – but it’s the ideal time to go on the rides.

One thing that I didn’t like is that the toilets were sometimes not very clean, which was a little bit off-putting but this isn’t the park’s fault. I also found that the drinks were quite expensive, so if you want to save money, bring some with you. I felt that a lot of the merchandise was very overpriced, but this is typical for a theme park.

The best rides at Energylandia:

What are the best rides at Energylandia? This depends on personal preferences, but luckily there really is something for everyone to enjoy. My favourites were Hyperion, Mayan, Zadra, Speed, Abysuss, Splash Battle and Apocalypto.

Energylandia FAQ

How many days do you need at Energylandia?

One day is enough to experience all that Energylandia has to offer. Although they are expanding – meaning that soon, you might want to spend at least 2 days to experience it all.

How many rides are in Energylandia?

Energylandia currently has a whopping 123 rides to experience! There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

How much did Energylandia cost?

Energylandia cost 75,6 million zloty – which is equivalent to 18,5 million euros!

What months is Energylandia open?

Energylandia is open most months, usually from April. However, during the winter, they operate on a reduced opening time – but when they are open, it’s to celebrate their event, ‘Winter Kingdom’.

Which airport serves Energylandia?

The airport nearest to Energylandia is Krakow Airport (KRK), which is then followed by Katowice Airport (KTW).

How many rollercoasters are there at Energylandia?

Energylandia currently operates 18 rollercoasters in total in 2022.

Are there lockers at Energylandia?

Yes, there are lockers at Energylandia. The park has a very useful locker system, meaning you can leave your belongings safely whilst you’re on the rides.

What is the biggest wooden rollercoaster in Poland?

Energylandia is home to the biggest wooden rollercoaster in Poland – Zadra.

Energylandia – 10 Major Things You Need To Know! – Conclusion

After reading this post, you’re hopefully feeling much more informed about visiting Energylandia and the 10 major things you need to know about it! Have you ever been to Energylandia? What was your favourite ride? What’s your favourite theme park? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section below. If you liked this post and would like to read some more similar posts, then you might also like:

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