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Staying in Poznan Airport Overnight: All You NEED To Know

Staying in Poznan Airport overnight can be the only option for some travellers, so if you’re thinking about staying in Poznan Airport overnight – read on to find out about everything you need to know!

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Poznan Airport Overnight: Everything You Need To Know

Poznan Airport overnight

Poznan Airport, also known as Ławica Airport (POZ), is located just outside of the city. It has many flights operating to mostly other European countries with low-cost airline carriers such as Ryanair.

For most people, hotels near Poznan Airport or even in the city are pretty affordable; however, it’s sometimes not worth spending the money if you’re not going to get much sleep. Luckily, staying in Poznan Airport overnight can be a good idea, as it’s open 24/7.

It’s worth knowing that the departures area, past security, is closed during some hours of the night – and opens around 4:00 am. In the main hall for arrivals and departures, there are not many seats and nothing much is open (but there is a Mcdonald’s outside and down the road ;)).

During the night, the airport itself doesn’t get very busy until the early morning hours, around 4 am. Even then, it is not overly busy – but if you’re in dire need of charging your phone, it might be a struggle. Usually, it’s just some security and cleaners around during the night.

There are various water fountains located around the airport if you need a drink.

If you want to lie down and sleep at Poznan Airport overnight, then be aware that there aren’t too many benches which allow you to do so, as most of them have armrests attached to each seat. Be prepared to be a little bit uncomfortable – but that’s what makes travelling so fun!

Tip: Bring some snacks, as the shops and cafes are closed during the night.

Is Poznan Airport overnight a good idea?

Airport sign pointing to the different gates and zones.

Is Poznan Airport overnight a good idea? Staying overnight at Poznan Airport can be a great experience. The airport is clean and well-maintained, and the staff are friendly and helpful. It is also well-equipped to provide a comfortable place to stay for those who need to stay overnight.

There are a variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as shops and services – but be aware that these are almost all closed during the night. Additionally, there are also a few hotels located close to the airport that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation.

For those who need to stay connected, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the airport. With its convenient location and variety of amenities, Poznan Airport is the perfect place to stay overnight – especially if you’re looking to save money if you’ve got an early flight.

Where to charge your phone in Poznan Airport?

Poznan Airport overnight

Where to charge your phone in Poznan Airport? Phone charging in Poznan Airport is very scarce, so make sure to bring a power bank with you – especially if you’re staying in Poznan Airport overnight and if your boarding pass is on your phone.

In the main hall, before passing through security, I couldn’t find any phone charging sockets. There may be some in the cafes – but these are closed during the nighttime hours.

Once you pass through security, I could only find one pillar with phone charging sockets to use. This is to the right, after passing through security, near to the border control area for non-Schengen countries. There were some benches near to these charging sockets, which were good to sit on.

Additionally, after passing through security into departures, there was also a cafe I noticed which had some USB charging ports available – but again, it was closed due to it being nighttime.

If you’re going into the non-Schengen departure zone, then there are also some charging sockets located on the wall pillar straight in front of you. There is also a bench next to these charging sockets, which is useful.

Is Poznan airport big?

Ławica Airport (IATA: POZ) in Poznań, Poland, is the fourth busiest airport in the country. It covers an area of 1,500 hectares and has two runways, with the longest one measuring 3,300 meters. The airport can handle up to five million passengers per year and has direct connections to many international destinations.

However, I believe that the airport itself isn’t too big – especially in the departure zone. There are only a few shops, mostly cafes and a very small duty-free zone. Luckily, there are quite a lot of seating areas to use in the departure zone.

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Is anything open in Poznan Airport overnight?

Is anything open in Poznan airport overnight? There is not much open in Poznan Airport overnight. Before security, in the main departures hall, and after security, there is nothing open from 10 pm till 5 am. However, there is a cool race car game in the main hall that’s always on if you feel bored 😉

Poznan Airport to city

Travelling from Poznan Airport to the city, or from the city to Poznan Airport, is very cheap and easy! I’d recommend travelling from Poznan Airport to the city by bus!


Poznan Airport ticket machine for the bus

Poznan Airport to city by bus is by ar one of the best and easiest ways to get to where you need to be. The bus station is right outside of the airport, and you can buy a ticket at the ticket machine – which takes both card and cash. You can also download the Jakdojade app and buy a virtual ticket if you wish!

Bus 159 is the best bus to take, as it takes you all the way to Poznan train station (Poznań Głowńy). Tickets cost around 6 zl, and the journey takes about 25 minutes.

Buses run at all hours; however, at night, a reduced service is in operation.


Taxi services are also a good idea and very cheap! There are taxis often stationed outside, but if you use these, you may have to pay 5 zl more for the pick-up/drop-off charge.

I would really recommend taking a FreeNow taxi – as it only cost me 20zl from Poznan train station to Poznan Airport. If you’d like to receive money off of your first FreeNow booking, then be sure to click here or use my referral code: jffbl80mb


Poznan Airport isn’t located very far from the city itself, which makes it great if you wish to walk – but in all honesty, I think just booking a taxi or travelling by bus is the easiest.

The walk from Poznan Airport takes around 1 hour 20 minutes from Poznan train station. Although it is closer to other attractions in the area – it just depends on where you want to go!

Things to do in Poznan


How much is a taxi from Poznan Airport to city centre?

A taxi from Poznan Airport to city centre is around 40 zl, however, it is often cheaper via apps such as FreeNow – but it also depends on the time of day and demand.

How far is Poznan Airport from the city?

Poznan Airport from the city is around 7km (4.3 miles). It takes around 15 minutes to drive there in total, depending on the traffic.

Is it allowed to stay in Poznan Airport overnight?

Yes, you can stay overnight in Ponan Airport as the airport is open 24/7. Be aware that the security area closes for a few hours overnight, so you will have to wait in the main hall.

What time does the Poznan airport open?

Poznan is open 24/7. Some of the shops are one until 10 pm at the latest and re-open at around 5 am.

Staying in Poznan Airport Overnight – Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ve learnt everything you need to know about staying in Poznan airport overnight. Have you ever stayed in Poznan airport overnight? How did you find it? Have you ever had to stay in any airport overnight? Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know any more additional information! If you’d like to read some more similar posts, have a look at these ones:

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