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The 30+ Best Krakow Instagram Captions

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Poland. If you’re visiting, then make sure you check out these 30+ best Krakow Instagram captions that you need to know!

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Why visit Krakow?

Krakow Instagram Captions

Why visit Krakow? You should visit Krakow if you want to experience a mix of historical, medieval architecture, affordable places to eat and drink, a wide selection of shops and there are plenty of experiences to do. Krakow with kids is also a great idea as Krakow is very child-friendly, simple to get around, relatively safe, and there are plenty of things for them to enjoy!

Krakow is located in southern Poland, about an hour away from Czechia and Slovakia. There is an airport called John Paul II Krakow-Balice International Airport, which has a wide range of budget airlines and legacy airlines, such as Poland’s national airline LOT, which flies and departs from there.

It is also located near to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, so many tourists stay here before visiting as there are lots of connections there, such as by bus, train or tours that include private transport. Additionally, Schindler’s factory is also located in Krakow, which many people are interested in visiting due to his vital efforts to help save as many Jewish people as he could during World War 2.

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Things to do in Krakow:

Krakow Instagram Captions

If you’re visiting Krakow, then these fantastic things to do in Krakow might interest you:

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine – The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most incredible things to see in the whole of Poland. It is located just outside of Krakow and is suitable for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to keep your phone charged for all the photos you will take!
  • Krakow to Auschwitz Birkenau – This Krakow to Auschwitz Birkenau Tour is ideal if you want to visit and learn about one of history’s biggest atrocities. You will have your own guide who will tell you about everything that unfortunately happened in the camp, and it includes transport also.
  • Krakow Zakopane Day Trip – Spend the day exploring Zakopane, and finish it off with a fabulous hot springs experience at the same time. You will feel totally at ease on this tour and will enjoy the beautiful views Zakopane has to offer.
  • Krakow Sightseeing Cruise – Float down Poland’s beautiful Vistula River as you take in the sights that Krakow has to offer. This cruise is perfect for those who would like to see Krakow from a different angle, and there’s even a live commentary, so you know exactly what you’re looking at!

30+ Best Krakow Instagram Captions:

Check out these 30+ best Krakow Instagram captions for your stunning Krakow photos:

Krakow Instagram Captions

1. Exploring the beauty of Krakow 🇵🇱

2. Krakow, an amazing city, full of history and culture ✨

3. Taking in the breathtaking views of Krakow 🌆

4. Embracing the charm of Krakow ⭐

5. Krakow, the city of a thousand spires 🏰

6. Having a krack-ing time in Krakow 🤩

7. Wandering the cobblestone streets of Krakow 😝

8. May or may not have eaten too much Pierogi 🥟

9. Krakow, a city of vibrant colours 🎨

10. Living in the moment in Krakow ❤️

woman riding in a charriot

11. Discovering Krakow, one street at a time!

12. Seeing the city from a different perspective 📷

13. Taking a stroll around Krakow and getting lost in its beauty 🥰

14. A city full of hidden gems 💎

15. Where the past meets the present in Krakow 🤩

16. Krakow, a city of endless possibilities 💕

17. Capturing the beauty of Krakow 📸

18. Spending a day in Krakow with family and friends 🎉

19. A city full of history and culture 🎨

20. Living the dream in Krakow 🇵🇱

Krakow Instagram Captions

21. A city of endless stories 📧

22. A city that never sleeps 🎊

23. Exploring Krakow’s stunning architecture – it’s actually known as the city of churches!

24. A city of art and history 🎨

25. Drinking Tyskie in Krakow 🍻

26. From the beautiful city of Warsaw to the stunning countryside of Krakow, Poland has it all!

27. Poland is a land of delicious food and warm people! ❤

28. Poland is a land of stunning architecture and enchanting countryside!

29. Piękne miasto 💖

30. Pole dancing in Poland 😉

Krakow FAQ:

What is Kraków known for?

Kraków is best known for its rich history, such as the castle – as well as all of its amazing bars and restaurants.

What is unique about Kraków?

Kraków is unique for being the largest medieval market square in Europe! So if you’re interested in medieval history, definitely give it a visit!

What animals live in Kraków?

Kraków is home to plenty of different animals, such as red deer, wild boar, fox, and weasels.

How old is the city of Kraków?

Kraków dates back to the 7th century, making it one of the oldest cities in Poland.

Does Kraków speak English?

Yes, most of the people speak English in Kraków.

What is the population of Krakow?

In 2019, the population of Krakow was 766,683 people living there!

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ve learnt about some of the best Krakow Instagram Captions! Which Krakow Instagram Captions did you like the most? Are there any Krakow Instagram Captions that you can think of but haven’t been mentioned? If so, leave me a comment in the comment section down below. If you’d like to read some other similar posts, then these are what I’d recommend:

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