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The Lukacs Thermal Baths: All You NEED to Know & Review

The Lukacs Thermal Baths are some of the best thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary! They are less known than the infamous Szechenyi Baths but still have so much to offer. Read on for everything you need to know about Lukacs Thermal Baths.

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Where are Lukacs Thermal Baths?

Lukacs Thermal Baths

The Lukacs Thermal Baths are located on the Buda side of the river, near Margit Bridge. You can take buses 9 and 109 or the tram 4, 6, 17 and 19 to reach the baths.

The baths are a bit hidden away, and there are no major signs pointing to them, but if you type it into google maps, it’ll more or less take you to the right place.

Lukacs Thermals Baths address is: H-1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 25-29.

What are some things to do near Lukacs Thermal Baths?

Budapest Hungary parliament building near body of water

If you’re looking for some great things to do near Lukacs Thermal Baths, have a look at these great things to do:

  • Budapest Danube River Cruise – This super fun Budapest Danube River Cruise is one of the best things to do in Budapest! It’s very easy to get to and is just a quick tram ride over the river from Lukacs Thermal Baths. If you’d like a very memorable experience, try taking the sunset cruise!
  • Budapest Light Art Museum – Spend a few hours exploring this spectacular Light Art Museum. You will be amazed at all the stunning artwork, and will want to take as many photos as possible! It’s the most perfect thing to do after a relaxing time at the baths.
  • Budapest Public Transport Card – Budapest has a fantastic public transportation system, and this public transport card makes it super simple to navigate! The baths are right next to plenty of tram stops, and the trams are great to ride around the city to take in the sights.

How much are Lukacs Thermal Baths?

How much are the Lukacs Thermal Baths? The prices for the Lukacs Thermal Baths vary depending on if you’re a student, senior, weekend or weekday entry, if you want a cabin, a locker or any other additional add-ons.

Weekday entry is 3800 ft (£8 approx), and for students and seniors, it is 2800 ft (£6 approx). On weekends, it’s 4200 ft (£8.70) and 3700 ft (£7.60). Cabins are available to rent for 1000 ft (£2).

You can pre-book online or just buy it onsite.

Additionally, there are lots of other products and services available, such as towel rentals, massages, and soaps to purchase – they smell amazing!

What are Lukacs Thermal Baths opening hours?

What are Lukacs Thermal Baths opening hours? Currently, the Lukacs Baths opening hours are:

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 7 am to 7 pm.

Tuesday and Wednesday – 7 am to 8 pm.

Should I get a cabin or a locker?

Lukacs Thermal Baths Cabin

One of my main questions before coming to the baths in Hungary was, “What is a cabin?” and “Should I get a cabin or a locker?”. Basically, a cabin is kind of like your own private changing room, where you can store your valuables in also.

When visiting the Lukacs Thermal Baths, a cabin is the best option, in my personal opinion. It is big enough to fit two suitcases in – if you’re trying to kill some time and don’t want to pay to store your luggage somewhere. Additionally, these cabins can also be shared between other people in your party if you want to save money.

What features are there?

What features are there at the Lukacs Thermal Baths? There are plenty of things to enjoy at the Lukacs Baths. For instance, there is one outdoor thermal bath with a whirlpool, fountains that you can stand under and beds that you can sit on that bubble (sorry, I don’t know the technical names!). There are also two outdoor swimming pools; however, you need a swimming cap to enter. Inside, there are various different baths at various temperatures. Additionally, there is a steam room and a sauna.

There is also a cafe on-site and some lounger chairs inside that you can sit on. On the rooftop, there is a fitness area with equipment, as well as a sunbathing area.

Lukacs Thermal Baths – full review:

Lukacs Thermal Baths

I visited Lukacs Thermal Baths on my Interrail Trip around Europe. I chose to visit after my friend recommended them to me because she said they were cheaper and less busy compared to the Szechenyi Baths. As I was travelling on a budget, I decided to go with her recommendation and book a visit.

I arrived in Budapest at around 10 am, after a sleepless night on the night train. The hotel check-in wasn’t until 3 pm, so I decided to go to the baths…with my luggage. Luckily, we had booked a cabin, and they didn’t have any issues with us storing our luggage in there.

One thing at the beginning that was a bit difficult was that there wasn’t any English on how to use the lockers – and we weren’t the only people with this issue. Luckily, there was an English translation with most of the signs, though.

We also struggled with the whole layout of the building sometimes, as we found that sometimes the signs weren’t very accurate and a map would’ve been helpful.

There were showers before entering the pools, and also a private shower cubicle if you’d rather. The outdoor thermal pool was very nice and relaxing, and there was a staff member sitting on the side just watching and observing. Luckily there weren’t too many people, especially compared to the other baths.

The inside baths were a little busier, but there wasn’t an uncomfortable amount of people. I found that some of the men were a little strange and kept staring – even though I was in a one-piece, and that shouldn’t matter.

Overall, I liked that the baths were big, clean and relatively quiet – and it was such good value for money! The building in itself was spectacular and looked stunning. However, some things that I believe could be better is to have more signs, especially with English translations and a map. I also wish that there was a sign telling people not to reserve loungers with towels, as there weren’t a lot of loungers, but every time I passed them, there was nobody sitting on them, but had towels to reserve them.

The Lukacs Thermal Baths: All You NEED To Know & Review – Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ve learnt a bit more about the Lukacs Thermal Baths! Have you ever been? Did you like them? Are there any other great thermal baths in Budapest that you’d recommend? Which baths do you think are better? Feel free to contact me if you need any advice or help. If you liked this post, I’d also recommend having a look at:

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