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10 BEST Things To Do in Bahrain

Bahrain is a hidden gem in the Middle East, which is quite untouched by tourists and is still rapidly developing! I was fortunate enough to go on holiday to Bahrain recently and spend a week there. I feel as though 1 week in Bahrain is a bit too long, but it was nice to explore and take in the sun! If you’re visiting Bahrain, then check out these 10 best things to do in Bahrain!

Why Visit Bahrain?

things to do in Bahrain

Why visit Bahrain? Bahrain is a small island nation in the Middle East (the 3rd smallest country in Asia!) that offers an unforgettable travel experience for visitors. The country is known for its rich culture, stunning architecture, warm hospitality, and diverse landscapes. Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, or looking for a luxurious getaway, there are many reasons why people should visit Bahrain.

One of the main reasons to visit Bahrain is its rich culture and history. The island has a long and fascinating history dating back over 5,000 years. It has been home to various civilizations, including the Dilmun, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians, which have all left their mark on the country. Visitors can explore the country’s many historical sites, such as the Bahrain Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort offers a glimpse into Bahrain’s past and its strategic importance as a trading hub in the Persian Gulf.

Bahrain is also known for its stunning architecture. The country is home to many modern skyscrapers and traditional buildings that reflect its cultural heritage. The capital city of Manama is a bustling metropolis with a mix of modern and traditional architecture. One of the most iconic buildings in Manama is the Bahrain World Trade Center, with its unique sail-shaped towers. For those interested in traditional architecture, the Al-Fateh Mosque is a must-visit. It is one of the largest mosques in the world and showcases beautiful Islamic architecture.

In addition to its cultural and architectural wonders, Bahrain offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors. Bahrainis are known for their hospitality and take pride in sharing their culture with visitors. The country has a diverse population, and visitors can experience a blend of different cultures and traditions during their visit. The local cuisine is also a reflection of this diversity, with dishes influenced by Arabian, Persian, and Indian flavours. The country also hosts various cultural festivals and events throughout the year, providing visitors with an immersive experience of Bahraini culture and traditions.

Finally, Bahrain boasts diverse landscapes that offer something for every type of traveller. The country has beautiful beaches, such as Al Jazayer, known for its crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. Nature lovers can explore the Al Areen Wildlife Park, home to various wildlife species, including the Arabian Oryx and gazelles. Bahrain is a must-visit destination for travellers with its perfect blend of culture, architecture, hospitality, and natural beauty.

What is Bahrain Famous For?

things to do in Bahrain

What is Bahrain famous for? Bahrain is famous for many things and has a lot to offer. From its rich history and culture to its stunning landscapes and modern architecture, this small island nation in the Middle East has something for everyone. However, one of the main things Bahrain is famous for is its pearls.

Bahrain has been known as the “Pearl of the Persian Gulf” due to its rich pearl diving history. Pearls were a major source of wealth for the country for centuries, and the industry still exists today, although on a smaller scale. Visitors can learn about the history of pearl diving and even purchase high-quality pearls as souvenirs.

Additionally, it is also famous for the Bahrain Fort, also known as Qal’at al-Bahrain. The fort is one of the country’s most famous landmarks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being a testament to Bahrain’s long and fascinating history. The fort dates back to the Dilmun civilization and has been excavated to reveal ancient artefacts and structures.

Is Bahrain Safe?

Is Bahrain safe? Bahrain is considered a safe country for travellers. It has a low crime rate, and the government has strict measures to ensure its citizens’ and visitors’ safety and security. However, as with any destination, it is always important to practice common sense and take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety. This includes being aware of your surroundings and avoiding any areas or situations that may seem unsafe – and be aware of potential scams!

10 BEST Things To Do In Bahrain:

If you’re interested in finding out the 10 best things to do in Bahrain, then read on to find out all about these top things to do in Bahrain!

1. Explore Manama Souk

things to do in Bahrain

Manama Souk is the largest traditional market in Bahrain and a must-visit for tourists. It offers a unique shopping experience, with its narrow alleyways lined with shops selling traditional Arabic handicrafts, spices, textiles, and more. The bustling atmosphere and aromas of spices and traditional perfumes make it a sensory delight for visitors. Tourists can also discover hidden gems like local cafes and restaurants serving delicious Bahraini cuisine. Additionally, the souk is a great place to interact with friendly locals and learn more about their culture and traditions.

Another reason tourists should explore Manama Souk is to experience the traditional way of shopping in Bahrain. The souk is a sharp contrast to modern shopping malls, offering a more authentic and culturally immersive experience. Visitors can haggle with shopkeepers and bargain for unique items, making it a fun and interactive experience (as my boyfriend found out πŸ˜‰ ). The souk also provides an insight into Bahrain’s history as a trading hub, with different sections dedicated to different types of goods, such as gold and spices.

2. Ride a Boat in Bahrain Bay

things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain Bay is a man-made waterfront development located in the capital city of Manama. It is a modern and luxurious district, boasting high-end residential buildings, commercial buildings, and recreational areas.

One of the main highlights of Bahrain Bay is its boat rides, which offer a unique way to explore the area. Visitors can take a traditional wooden dhow boat ride along the bay and experience stunning views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf. The dhow boats are beautifully decorated and offer a comfortable and relaxing way to tour the area. Some boat rides also include dinner, making it a perfect activity for a romantic evening or family outing.

When we visited, it cost us 2BD for a 20-minute boat ride around the bay, which was lovely. We also considered going kayaking, which would’ve been 8BD – so it is very reasonable and a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in Manama.

3. Visit The Grand Mosque

things to do in Bahrain

The Grand Mosque, also known as Al Fateh Grand Mosque, is one of the best things to do in Bahrain. Its impressive architecture has a blend of traditional and modern elements. Visitors are welcomed into the mosque with intricate detailing and stunning chandeliers. The mosque also has a beautiful courtyard with a reflective pool surrounded by minarets, adding to its grandeur. Visitors can explore the mosque and learn about Islamic architecture and traditions through guided tours.

Besides its architectural beauty, the Grand Mosque is a significant religious site for Muslims in Bahrain. The mosque is open to visitors of all faiths and offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere for all. Visitors are expected to dress modestly and respect religious traditions while visiting the mosque. They will provide you with the clothing to borrow, free of charge. It is also recommended to visit during non-prayer times to avoid any potential disruptions.

4. Eat Delicious Food at Haji’s Cafe

things to do in Bahrain

In Bahrain, one of the best things we did was visit Haji’s Cafe! Haji’s Cafe is a popular and iconic establishment in Bahrain’s capital city, Manama. It has been around for over 80 years and is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. The cafe offers a taste of traditional Bahraini culture with its simple and charming ambience and delicious food.

Visitors can enjoy a cup of karak tea (a local favourite) and try traditional dishes such as kebab grill and machboos (spiced rice with meat or fish) – and don’t forget to try the rose milk! The cafe also offers a glimpse into Bahrain’s history, with photographs and artefacts from the past adorning the walls. A visit to Haji’s Cafe is a must for tourists looking to experience the local culture and cuisine in Bahrain. It’s very well-priced, and we must’ve been around 4 times in total – it was just so good!

5. Discover The History of Bahrain Fort

things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain Fort, also known as Qal’at al-Bahrain, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; therefore, it is one of the best things to do in Bahrain and a must-visit for tourists. The fort has a long and rich history dating back to the Dilmun civilization over 5,000 years ago. Visitors can explore the ruins of the fort and its surroundings, which have been excavated to reveal ancient artefacts and structures – you’ll feel like Lara Croft! The fort also offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area, making it a popular spot for photography.

In addition to its historical significance, the fort is also home to a museum that displays artefacts from its excavation and provides information on the history of the fort and its importance in the region. With its rich history, cultural significance, and stunning views, Bahrain Fort is a must-visit destination for tourists in Bahrain.

6. Educate Yourself at Bahrain National Museum

things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain National Museum is the largest and one of the oldest museums in Bahrain, making it a must-visit for tourists looking to explore the country’s history and culture. The museum has over 6,000 artefacts on display, showcasing Bahrain’s diverse heritage dating back to the Bronze Age. Visitors can learn about the country’s history, from ancient civilisations to modern development, through various exhibits, including traditional costumes, weaponry, and handicrafts. The museum also features a reconstructed ancient burial mound, known as a “tumulus,” providing visitors with a glimpse into Bahrain’s ancient past.

Besides its impressive collection of artefacts, the Bahrain National Museum offers visitors a truly immersive experience. The museum’s state-of-the-art multimedia exhibits bring history to life, allowing visitors to learn about Bahrain’s past in an interactive and engaging way. The museum also hosts various events and activities, such as art workshops and cultural performances, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of Bahrain’s culture and traditions. It is very cheap to visit, and there is also a little gift shop – selling the cutest items!

7. Relax at Bahrain Harbour

things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain Harbour, also known as the Port of Manama, is Bahrain’s main port and a popular tourist spot. It is a bustling area, with ships and boats coming and going, making it a great spot for sightseeing and people-watching. Visitors can take a stroll along the promenade, which offers stunning views of the harbour and the Manama skyline. The area is especially picturesque at night, with the city lights reflecting on the water. Tourists can also take a boat ride along the harbour, giving them a unique perspective of the city.

In addition to its beauty, Bahrain Harbour also holds historical significance. It served as a major trade hub in the Persian Gulf for centuries and played a vital role in the country’s development. Visiting Bahrain Harbour in Manama is necessary for tourists looking to experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere and learn about its past as a trading centre.

8. See The Tree of Life

things to do in Bahrain

The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a natural wonder and one of the most memorable and best things to do in Bahrain. This solitary tree stands tall in the middle of the desert, with no water source in sight. Despite its location in a constantly dry and barren area, the tree has survived for over 400 years, making it a unique and mysterious attraction in Bahrain. Visitors can marvel at this ancient wonder and learn about the many legends and theories surrounding its existence. Some believe that the Tree of Life is the actual location of the Garden of Eden, while others attribute its survival to the mystical powers of the tree. Whether you believe in these theories or not, a visit to the Tree of Life is a must for tourists in Bahrain.

Besides its extraordinary presence in the desert, the Tree of Life offers visitors a serene and peaceful setting. It is surrounded by a lush green landscape, offering a stark contrast to its barren surroundings. Tourists can relax under the shade of the tree and enjoy a picnic or take in the beautiful views of the desert. The Tree of Life is also a popular spot for stargazing, with the clear desert skies providing a perfect backdrop for a night of stargazing.

9. Meet The Camels of Bahrain Royal Camel Farm

things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain Royal Camel Farm, also known as Al Jasra Camel Farm, offers a unique and authentic cultural experience for tourists. The farm is home to over 600 camels and has been in operation for over a century, making it a significant part of Bahrain’s history and heritage. Visitors can learn about the traditional methods of rearing and caring for camels and the importance of camels in Arabian culture.

Besides its cultural significance, Bahrain Royal Camel Farm also offers visitors stunning views of the surrounding desert landscape. Tourists can take a leisurely walk around the farm and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views. Those interested in photography can capture some great shots of the camels and the desert scenery. It’s best to hire a car to get to the farm, and it is also very near to the F1 Track – so visit both in one day!

10. Shop at The Avenues

things to do in Bahrain

The Avenues is one of Bahrain’s largest shopping malls and a must-visit for tourists looking for a shopping experience like no other. The mall offers a unique blend of high-end luxury shops, boutique stores, and local brands, providing something for every type of shopper. Visitors can find an array of international and local fashion brands, electronics, home goods, and more, all under one roof.

In addition to shopping, the Avenues also has a vast selection of dining options, from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants. Its impressive architecture, diverse shopping, and entertainment offerings all make The Avenues a shopping paradise for tourists in Bahrain.

Bahrain FAQ:

Is Bahrain cheap or expensive?

Bahrain can be considered moderately priced, with a wide range of options for both budget and luxury travellers.

How many days do you spend in Bahrain?

A minimum of 3-4 days is recommended to explore the main attractions in Bahrain, but a longer stay of 7-10 days may provide a more comprehensive experience.

Is Bahrain nice for a holiday?

Bahrain is an excellent destination for a holiday, as it offers a mix of culture, history, modernity, and stunning natural beauty. It also has a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, making it a great choice for travellers looking for a unique and enjoyable holiday destination.

Best Things To Do in Bahrain – Conclusion

After reading this post, you’ve hopefully found out about some of the best things to do in Bahrain. If you’ve visited Bahrain before, in your opinion, what are the best things to do in Bahrain? Are there any things to do in Bahrain that you think deserve to be included in this post but haven’t? If you enjoyed reading this post, and would like to read some other similar posts, then these are what I’d recommend:

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