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Tallink Megastar: Tallinn – Helsinki Route – Everything To Know

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia or Helsinki, Finland, it’s a great idea to take the ferry across the Baltic Sea to see one another. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Tallink Megastar Route.

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How Long Does Tallink Megastar Take?

Tallink Megastar

How long does Tallink Megastar take? The Tallink Megastar takes approximately two and a half hours to make the journey from Tallinn to Helsinki. It is essential to arrive at least 40 minutes before the ship sets sail as although boarding closes 20 minutes before the ship’s departure, remember you need to check in beforehand.

The Megastar also offers wifi access, allowing passengers to stay connected during the journey, which you will be able to find the password to on your boarding pass. With an experienced crew and friendly staff, the Tallink Megastar provides a comfortable and enjoyable journey between Tallinn and Helsinki.

What’s Onboard Tallink Megastar?

Tallink Megastar

What’s onboard Tallink Megastar? Tallink Megastar is equipped with plenty of things to do for the 2-hour journey across the Baltic Sea!

There is a pub, shopping centre, tourist information area, gift shop, buffet, business lounge, viewing platforms, kids play area, gaming rooms – and even a Burger King! I’m not exaggerating when I say that the ship has more to do than the place I live (sad but true).

Surprisingly, a lot of the things to do onboard the Tallink Megastar are very affordable. I thought that it would be very overpriced as you’re essentially “trapped” on the ship for 2-hours so they can take advantage, though that was not the case. Many meals in the restaurant’s onboard cost around €10-12, which is very reasonable.

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Tickets/ boarding pass

How much do Tallink Megastar tickets cost? Tickets for Tallink Megastar depend on how you’re travelling across and what class you’re travelling as.

My tickets cost me Β£23 through GetYourGuide, as a foot passenger in Star Class, which basically is just a fancy name for “regular class”. Personally, I don’t feel like business class or the comfort lounge is worth the money for a 2-hour journey, but if you want to treat yourself, then go for it! I spent 6 hours in Helsinki in total, which I felt was a reasonable amount of time.

The prices on GetYourGuide were the cheapest I saw for the ferry as a foot passenger, as on the official website, it costs around €31 each way (but you can get a same-day discount!).

What’s The Boarding Process?

D-Terminal in Tallinn, Estonia

What’s the boarding process like? The boarding process in each country is fairly simple. I started the check-in in Tallinn, Estonia. The port building is very easy to find, and there were shops in the check-in area also.

I did self-check-in, and for this, I needed to enter my details and the booking number from my original ticket. Then my tickets got printed for me, which was a nice surprise.

Following my tickets being printed, I then proceeded to scan them at the gate and went up the ramp to the main waiting area. In Tallinn, there were many seats with charging points (which is very important ;)), toilets, a place to get snacks and drinks, as well as a little shop selling souvenirs and other items.

Then everyone got called to the ferry – which was unmissable as they used a fake ship horn sound (nice touch!). You will then go up the ramps to the ferry, and you’re then free to do as you please and explore the ship!

In Helsinki, the boarding process is very similar; however, the building was much smaller, and there were fewer places to sit and charge your phones. Though, there is an outdoor balcony which is very nice for watching the ships from if the weather is good enough.

Tallink Megastar: Tallin – Helsinki Route Review

coin machines games and seating on the ferry

I found the entire Tallink Megastar journey really simple and straightforward. For me, it was definitely a highlight of my trip! I would really recommend booking through GetYourGuide as the price was the best I found, and there’s a lot of support available if something were to go wrong.

The check-in process was easy to do, and it was nice to have the boarding cards printed and to use as a keepsake for after the journey. I arrive at 9:20 am for the ship to depart at 10:30 am. You’re allowed to bring food with you, so if you’re travelling on a budget, I’d recommend just going to the shops beforehand to get some snacks as it will be slightly cheaper than on the ship.

When I boarded, most people stayed on the first deck (as in the first main deck, that’s not for cars), and I found that this area was very crowded for most of the journey as people wanted to get off as fast as possible.

Tallink Megastar Buffet Menu

I went up to the 2nd deck (officially known as deck 9) and had a little walk around. There was a pub with a big screen for sports, a buffet restaurant (see above for the Tallink Megastar Buffet Menu), a children’s play area, a games room, lockers to store your stuff for €2 in coins, a normal restaurant/ snack bar, Burger King and a seating area with charging points.

I sat in the seating area for a while to watch the sea as the ship departed from the port. I found the sea very smooth, so I feel like if you get seasick, then this journey should be okay for you – but that’s just my opinion.

Tallink Megastar Sitting Lounge

In the seating area, after a few minutes, some staff members came around offering drinks and snacks – it was a lot like being on the plane! Additionally, there is also a self-service Starbucks machine if you’d like that instead. The prices were reasonable for Starbucks’ quality.

The seating area, known officially as the Sitting Lounge, is the perfect place to go if you want some quiet or to do some work. There are tables and also a TV playing in the lounge. If you’d like a window seat, then make sure to get there fairly early, as it does fill up.

Burger King onboard Tallink Megastar

After sitting there for about 1 hour, I then went to have a look for some food. The Burger King is located near the Sitting Lounge and closes about 15 minutes prior to arrival at the destination. It is very well priced, especially in comparison to what Burger King costs at some airports in the UK! I feel like if you’re travelling on a budget, then Burger King is the best option for you if you want to eat onboard the ship.

Tallink Megastar snacks

The other food options on the Tallink Megastar have a wide range to choose from. The snacks are reasonably priced, around the same price as cinema snacks. Though, as mentioned before, it’s probably a good idea to go to a supermarket beforehand to get some cheaper ones.

The doors to the outside were closed on the ferry, which was a little disappointing, but I can understand why, as the weather was cold outside.

Furthermore, I also discovered that there are cabins available to book and sleep in. I personally wouldn’t do this for a journey of 2 hours as it went by very quickly.

Giftshop onboard Tallink Megastar

There was a nice gift shop onboard selling all sorts of gifts for all types of people. There were Moomin gifts also (unpopular opinion: they scare me!), so if you’re heading to Tallinn from Helsinki, don’t worry if you forget to pick up a Moomin souvenir, as you can onboard.

Overall, I’d really recommend making a day trip across the Baltic Sea with the Tallink Megastar as it was very simple and cheap to do, and it’s an excellent way to get a taste of another country if you don’t have much time to spare.

When arriving in Helsinki, it is very easy to reach the city centre from the port. You can either walk or take the tram, which departs from right outside the terminal. I chose to walk, and it took me around 25 minutes in total to reach the centre, but it was a nice walk along the harbour. After 6 hours in Helsinki, I took the ferry back across at 19:30 pm.

Tallink Megastar Map

Tallink Megastar map

Tallink Megastar FAQ

How many passengers can use the Tallink Megastar?

The Tallink Megastar can hold up to 2800 passengers in total!

When should I arrive at Tallink?

Boarding closes 20 minutes before departure of the ship; therefore, I recommend arriving around 45-60 minutes before departure in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

How big is the Tallink Megastar?

The Tallink Megastar is 212.2 metres long!

Tallink Megastar: Tallinn to Helsinki Route – Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve discovered all you need to know about the Tallink Megastar Tallinn – Helsinki route. Have you ever been onboard the Tallink Megastar? What did you think of it? Is there anything you think people should know about the Tallink Megastar to make their journey as best it can be? Feel free to contact me if you’d like some more information! If you liked this article and would like to read some more similar posts, then this is what I’d recommend:

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