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How to Visit the Colosseum in Rome – EVERYTHING Explained.

If you’re thinking of visiting the Colosseum in Rome – I mean, how can you not?! It’s an amazing sight that’s known all over the world! Then, read on for everything you need to know about how to visit the Colosseum in Rome!

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Why Is The Colosseum So Popular?

how to visit the Colosseum

Why is the Colosseum so popular? The Colosseum is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and is a symbol of the Roman Empire. It has survived centuries of wars and natural disasters and is a testament to the greatness and power of the Roman Empire.

The Colosseum is popular because of its size, its historical significance, and the fact that it was the site of gladiatorial contests and other public spectacles. It is also considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering and is a symbol of the city of Rome. Visiting the Colosseum is a unique experience and allows people to feel the power and grandeur of the Roman Empire.

Important: Watch out for pickpockets and scammers selling bracelets! It’s best not to talk to anyone.

How Long Does It Take To Visit The Colosseum?

how to visit the Colosseum

How long does it take to visit the Colosseum? Visiting the Colosseum generally takes around 2-3 hours, depending on how much time you want to spend exploring.

It is best to arrive early in the morning before the crowds arrive. After entering the Colosseum, you can start with a self-guided tour, taking time to take in the grandeur of the building. Follow the path through the various levels, including the arena floor, and view the many artefacts from the Roman period.

There are also guided tours available that provide more in-depth information about the structure and its history. After exploring the Colosseum, you can take a break for lunch or take an optional tour of the Roman Forum, located nearby. If you’re wondering how many days in Rome do you need, the Colosseum is a must, even if you don’t have too much time!

How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Colosseum?

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How much does it cost to visit the Colosseum? Visiting the Colosseum is very reasonably priced, but how much it costs honestly depends on which ticket you buy.

On the official website, access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is €24, which is a great price for all three attractions. It includes access to the ground and first floors of the Colosseum and skip-the-line access, which is great if you need to save time. It’s cheaper to buy this ticket here, where you will save a few euros.

There are optional add-ons that are available to purchase, such as an audio guide (but it’s free to download on your phone) and access to other floors and underground.

You can buy tickets to visit the Colosseum when you arrive, but it’s always best to buy online to help save time and to avoid any disappointment.

Purchasing a Roma Pass is another great idea if you’re planning to see some more attractions in Rome. It costs as little as €33, and includes free public transport.

Which Tickets For The Colosseum Are Best To Buy?

how to visit the Colosseum

Which tickets for the Colosseum are best to buy? When visiting the Colosseum in Rome, the best ticket to buy, in my opinion, is the Colosseum – Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Entry Tickets. This ticket includes fast-track entrance, a downloadable map, a discount on shops and restaurants as well as entry to the other main attraction in the area – Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Another great option, which is the one that I chose, is the Colosseum Hosted Entry Ticket with Arena Access. This ticket is great for people who want access to the Arena Floor – which I’d highly recommend due to it being much quieter, and you can fully take in how huge the Colosseum is.

If you’re a history lover and want the full experience of visiting the Colosseum, then the Colosseum Underground, Arena Floor and Ancient Rome ticket is the best one for you to get. Not many people get access to the Colosseums Underground, so it will definitely be memorable and very worth it! It includes fast-track, guided tours, arena floor access and access to Palatine Hill and Roman Forum.

How Does Visiting The Colosseum Work?

how to visit the Colosseum

How does visiting the Colosseum work? This depends on the type of ticket you will buy; however, if you purchase just a general ticket with no tour, then this is how visiting the Colosseum should work for you.

When you arrive at the Colosseum, you may notice people wearing IDs and pointing you in the direction of the entrance. Do not be alarmed if they don’t look official, as I thought they were scammers or unofficial ticket touters – but they’re not…usually.

You will then arrive at a queue which you need to get in the line depending on your ticket type. You will then be asked to show your ID and have your tickets scanned. Most tickets are timed entries, so make sure you arrive on time.

Following having your ticket scanned, you will then go through security – which is just like at the airport. Make sure you don’t bring any sharp objects or anything that could be considered a weapon (eg. forks, Swiss army knives, etc.), aerosols, large bags or luggage.

Roman Forum remains

Then you will start exploring the Colosseum! If you need the toilet, then there are some close by to the security. If you have an arena floor entrance, then you will be given an orange sticker. Make sure you visit the arena floor before going upstairs.

Once you go up the steps – hold on to the handrail, they’re steep – you will see all different types of artefacts and get to learn about the Colosseum in much more detail. You will then be able to walk around it outside, and finally, you will end near the gift shop.

I recommend visiting the Colosseum in the morning and then doing the Roman Forum, followed by Palatine Hill in the evening. If you have a ticket that allows you to do them on separate dates, then I would suggest that you do that as you may get burnt out.

The Roman Forum is right next to the Colosseum, so you won’t have to walk far. In all honesty, I preferred the Roman Forum more than the Colosseum as it was quieter and felt more authentic. It was great to visit in the evening hours, as it was much cooler and the sunsetting gave everything a beautiful glow.

Remember: Make sure you bring ID such as a Passport, or you may be refused entry.

Things To Do Near The Colosseum:

How To Visit The Colosseum FAQ

Is there a gift shop at the Colosseum?

Yes, there is a gift shop at the Colosseum. It is located towards the exit, and you can buy a range of souvenirs such as books and fridge magnets.

Is there a dress code for the Colosseum?

No, there is no dress code for the Colosseum. Make sure to wear some sturdy shoes as you will walk a lot, and the floor can be uneven.

Is a tour recommended at the Colosseum?

This depends on the person visiting. If you’d like to understand the Colosseum in more depth, then a tour is recommended, although visiting without a tour guide is just as good, and there are free audio guides to download.

How To Visit The Colosseum in Rome – Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this post all about how to visit the Colosseum in Rome, you’ve learnt about all of the important things to help make your visit amazing! Which bit of information about how to visit the Colosseum in Rome did you find the most helpful? Are there any tips you think need to be mentioned on how to visit the Colosseum in Rome that haven’t? Feel free to contact me if you’d like any more information. If you liked this post and want to read some other similar ones, this is what I’d recommend:

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