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10 AMAZING Reasons to Visit Krakow, Poland!

Krakow is one of the best cities to visit in Poland! There are so many amazing things to do and lots of great sights to see. If you’re still not fully convinced about if you should visit Krakow – then read on to find out these 10 amazing reasons to visit Krakow!

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Is Krakow Worth Visiting?

One week in Krakow

Is Krakow worth visiting? Krakow is definitely worth a visit! Whether you’re there for a weekend trip or spending one week in Krakow, it’s a highly desirable destination for travellers looking to experience Central Europe’s cultural riches.

Located in Southern Poland on the banks of the Vistula River, it is Poland’s second-largest city and the former capital of the Polish Empire. Rich in history, culture, and architecture, Krakow is an enchanting city with a vibrant atmosphere.

The city’s buzzing Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and many of its former residents are as enthusiastic about the city as if it had only recently become a popular tourist destination.

Wander through twisting cobbled-stone streets, taking in the serenity of a living museum, with its magnificent churches, civic buildings, and lovely squares like the town’s main Rynek Główny. Tour the magnificent castle of Wawel, the historic centre of Polish power, and the Monastery of the Assumption, famous for its magnificent ancient cloisters – there’s so much to do, so little time!

What is Krakow Best Known For?

reasons to visit Krakow

What is Krakow best known for? Krakow is best known for its wide variety of cultural attractions. The city has a rich history stretching back to the Middle Ages when it served as Poland’s historical capital. This strong sense of tradition and culture is evident in the city’s spectacular medieval architecture, which was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1978.

Krakow is also famous for its many galleries and museums, providing fantastic insight into the city’s history. These include the Wawel Cathedral, located within the grounds of the historic Wawel Castle. This 11th-century cathedral was the coronation site of many Polish kings, and its impressive baroque architecture is just one of the many must-see sites for visitors.

The city also boasts many public parks, making it an ideal spot for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Krakow is also home to the oldest active university in Poland (one of the best Krakow facts!), the Jagiellonian University, which is a great place to visit for aspiring intellectual students.

Best Things To Do in Krakow:

If you’re looking for some of the best things to do in Krakow, then check these amazing activities out:

  • Wielizcka Salt Mine Guided Tour – Salt is in the air! Come explore the underground Wielizcka Salt Mine and experience a unique adventure. Spanning over 300 km, this breathtaking natural wonder is a must-see. Enjoy salt sculptures, underground lakes, and the beautiful multi-coloured chapel during this exciting tour.
  • Krakow Wawel Castle and Cathedral Guided Tour – Discover Poland’s past on a tour of the Wawel Castle and Cathedral! Admire the impressive Gothic architecture and explore the 800-year history of the castle – from battles to coronations. Embark on a journey through time and experience the beauty and grandeur of Polish culture!
  • Krakow Schindlers Factory Entrance Ticket – Unlock the secrets of Oskar Schindler’s Factory – an important piece of world history! Discover the remarkable stories of heroism, courage, and resilience during WWII. Explore the factory and witness an emotional journey you won’t forget!

10 Amazing Reasons To Visit Krakow:

If you need some convincing on whether to visit Krakow or not, then check out these 10 amazing reasons to visit Krakow:

1. It’s super accessible and safe

reasons to visit Krakow

Krakow is a highly safe and accessible city with a robust and friendly culture. The city is well connected to the rest of the world through major international airports and direct train connections.

Krakow benefits from regular police patrols, which make the city feel secure and safe for its citizens and tourists alike. Public transportation is also reliable and efficient, making it easy to get around to explore the city’s many attractions.

Krakow is also very walkable, and there has been a recent rise in bicycle lanes and bike rentals for tourists. Accommodation ranges from luxury five-star hotels to budget-friendly hostels, so visitors can find something for their budget and preferences.

Combined with the city’s thriving cultural and art scene, vibrant nightlife, and friendly locals, Krakow is a great city for tourists worldwide.

2. Wawel Castle is a must-see!

One week in Krakow

Visiting Wawel Castle is one of the best reasons to visit Krakow and is an opportunity for travellers to experience history firsthand. Wawel Castle is one of the most beautiful buildings in Poland and is a unique place to visit due to its long history and impressive architecture.

The castle dates back to the 11th century and has been used as a residence of Polish monarchs for centuries. The spacious interiors of the castle can be explored to learn more about its long history. The courtyards surrounding Wawel Castle are full of life, especially in summer when they often host music concerts, art exhibitions and more.

The multicoloured cathedral in the courtyard offers a truly magnificent view of one of the most beautiful churches in Europe. Visitors can enjoy services and explore the breathtaking art and mosaics of the cathedral’s interior.

Wawel Castle is one of those rare places that travellers dream of visiting, which makes it an attraction not to be missed when in Krakow.

3. It’s a great base to visit Energylandia from


If you love theme parks, one of the best reasons to visit Krakow for you will be that Krakow is a great base to visit Energylandia, one of Europe’s biggest theme parks.

Located in Zator, approximately an hour away from Krakow by car, Energylandia has something to appeal to travellers of all ages.

Krakow offers excellent transport links, allowing visitors to easily get to Energylandia – and there is even a bus you can use specifically for Energylandia.

Visiting Krakow and Energylandia is an unforgettable experience for all ages. The city’s fascinating cultural attractions, mixed with the thrilling rides and shows at Energylandia, make this an ideal destination.

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4. It’s very close to Zakopane

Zakopane in snow

Krakow is an ideal base for exploring the beautiful town of Zakopane. Located an approximate two-hour drive away from Krakow, Zakopane is known for its breathtaking mountain scenery, traditional alpine architecture, and numerous outdoor activities.

Krakow offers convenient transportation links for visitors planning to explore Zakopane. Several train and bus services are available that make the journey from Krakow to Zakopane fast and frequent. Travellers can also rent a car for more freedom with their trip.

Exploring Zakopane and the surrounding area from Krakow is an unforgettable experience. Between the stunning mountain views, myriad outdoor activities, and traditional Alpine culture, travelling from Krakow to Zakopane will satisfy all travellers.

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5. There are plenty of great, affordable restaurants


Krakow is the perfect destination for food lovers looking to sample various cuisines. The city is a paradise for those with food allergies or particular dietary needs, thanks to the increasing number of establishments offering allergy-friendly or vegan-friendly dishes.

Krakow is best known for its Polish cuisines, such as pierogi (the best food ever, and one of the best reasons to visit Krakow ;)), bigos (meat stew), and piernik- a type of spiced honey cake. However, the city also boasts a wide range of dining options from around the globe. Restaurants serve Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes, as well as Middle Eastern delights like shawarma and falafel.

Krakow is also renowned for its budget-friendly eateries, which offer authentic experiences and delicious food at affordable prices. Pubs, cafés, and street food stands provide great value for money and are the perfect place for travellers to indulge in the local cuisine on a budget.

6. It’s near the prettiest place in Poland

Zalipie, Poland

Krakow is an ideal base for travellers who want to explore the beautiful village of Zalipie, one of the prettiest places in Poland. Located approximately two hours drive from Krakow, Zalipie is famous for its folk art decorations made using local clay.

If you’re looking to visit Zalipie, then it’s best to rent a car as there are no direct public transportation options. Additionally, you can also take a guided tour from Zalipie to Krakow – which is a great idea.

Visiting Zalipie and exploring its beautiful paintings is a must-do for anyone travelling to Poland. With it being just a short journey away from Krakow, it’s easy to see why this town is one of the best reasons to visit the city.

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7. It’s close to Auschwitz

auschwitz concentration camp

Krakow is an ideal base for visitors who want to pay their respects at Auschwitz. Located around a one-hour drive from Krakow, the Auschwitz concentration camp is an important historical and cultural site.

Visiting Auschwitz from Krakow, is very accessible by public transport, with several train and bus services from the city to Auschwitz daily. Visitors can also rent a car for more convenience and flexibility, or take a tour.

Visiting Krakow and Auschwitz is an unforgettable emotional experience as visitors bear witness to the tragedy of the Holocaust. A visit to Auschwitz is not something to be taken lightly, and with Krakow so close by, it’s a must if you wish to pay respect to the victims.

8. Krakow has a Cat Cafe

Cat cafe in Krakow

One of the best reasons to visit Krakow is that it boasts its very own Cat Cafe, making it the perfect destination for feline-fanatics.

Cat Cafe Kociarnia offers travellers the opportunity to pet and cuddle cats while enjoying a nice cosy cup of coffee or tea. The cat cafe in Krakow, located near the train station, encourages people to socialize and relax with cats.

You will be able to meet and pet cats from all walks of life, including big, small, short and long-haired cats. It also provides a safe and warm place for cats to live while they wait to be adopted.

Visiting the cat cafe in Krakow is a fantastic experience for cat lovers and those who just want to appreciate the beauty of the animals. It’s a unique and memorable way to experience Krakow’s culture and the passionate locals.

9. Krakow is filled with history

reasons to visit Krakow

Krakow is the perfect destination for history enthusiasts. The city is a living museum of a richly layered history, filled with outstanding cultural attractions and monuments.

Krakow’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where visitors can explore the winding cobblestone streets and admire all it has been through. Highlights of a trip to Krakow include the magnificent castle of Wawel, the old synagogue in Kazimierz, and the Monastery of the Assumption.

Krakow is also home to the oldest university in Poland, the Jagiellonian University. Established in 1364, it’s been a bastion of culture and learning for over 600 years.

Krakow is a paradise for travellers seeking to explore a long and varied history. From visiting medieval ruins to exploring old churches, the city offers an unrivalled window into the past.

10. Wielizcka Salt Mine is so interesting!

Wielizcka Salt Mine

One of the best reasons to visit Krakow is the Wielizcka Salt Mine. Located really close to the city, it is a unique underground world of dazzling salt galleries, magnificent sculptures, and crystal-clear underground salt lakes.

Travellers can easily get to Wielizcka Salt Mine using public transportation. You can also choose to take a tour with transport options if you want to skip any hassle of figuring out how to use public transportation, especially as tickets are timed, and you don’t want to miss your spot.

Exploring the Wielizcka Salt Mine is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Combined with Krakow’s vibrant holiday atmosphere and cultural attractions, travelling to Wielizcka is one of the best reasons to visit this magnificent city.

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Krakow FAQ:

What makes Krakow special?

Krakow is special for its unique blend of old and new, with its ancient cobblestone streets, beautiful cathedrals and vibrant modern culture.

Is Krakow tourist friendly?

Yes, Krakow is a very tourist-friendly city, with its warm and welcoming people, convenient transportation, plenty of attractions, and diverse range of cuisine.

Is Krakow cheap?

Yes, Krakow is a relatively inexpensive destination, and its varied attractions and attractions make it an excellent place to visit for value for money.

10 Amazing Reasons To Visit Krakow – Conclusion

After reading this post all about the best reasons to visit Krakow – hopefully, you’ve been convinced to go! Which reasons to visit Krakow interested you the most? Are there any reasons to visit Krakow which haven’t been included, but you think that they should be? If you need any help or would like any advice, then feel free to contact me. If you liked this post, and would like to read some more similar posts, then these are what I’d recommend:

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