Best Cities for Freelancers

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One of the many benefits of being a freelancer (also known as a digital nomad) is that as long as you have WiFi – you can work anywhere you’d like! Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the best cities for freelancers to work in!

London, England

london eye

London is an amazing city to work in if you’re a freelancer, whether you are a photographer, translator, or anything else – London has it all! There are a plethora of cafes to work in, in order to suit your needs. In fact, they even have special places known as ‘Coworking Spaces’ which you can hire out and work in if you prefer a more ‘work-like’ environment. Rent can be very expensive in London, which is one major thing to consider, however, it does get cheaper in the Greater London area.

Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon is the perfect city to find all sorts of inspiration! The streets are colourful and the weather is usually sunny! Rent is very reasonable in Lisbon, and many cafes have WiFi. Not only that – there are lots to see and do which is great for keeping you entertained and inspired. The food is very cheap and the standard of living is very high. The only downside is that if you don’t like hills or have difficulty with them as Lisbon has many – there is a solution, however, as there are plenty of trams that run all throughout the centre.

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

scenic view of the mountains

Thailand is known as “the country of smiles” – and it’s right! The people in Thailand are very friendly and helpful, and the majority can speak English if you are worried about that aspect. The food and rent are very cheap for a westerner, and the scenery is breathtaking. Travel throughout Thailand is very easy, as there are many options to choose from, such as tuk-tuks, night buses, trains, taxis, etc. Ko Pha Ngan is the perfect place to be a freelancer (even if it’s an island, not a city!). The atmosphere is incredible on the island and there is a huge variety to do for entertainment – such as snorkelling, parasailing, raves and more.

Berlin, Germany

photo of the brandenburg gate in berlin germany

Berlin is a wonderful bustling city with so much character! It’s the perfect city for freelancers if you love nightlife and history. It offers cheap rent and a very generous lifestyle for those choosing to be a freelancer in the city. Berlin is perfect for freelancers that have a creative aspect to them as Berlin is a very artistic and creative place to be! The only downside about living in Berlin is how busy it can get, especially in the summer months. Therefore, if you don’t feel like being around too many people, then it’s suggested to avoid the main areas in peak season!

Praugue, Czechia

prague castle district lit up at night

Prague, Czechia is arguably one of the best cities in the world! It is very affordable and very pretty! The people are very kind and lead a relaxed lifestyle, and most importantly – it is very safe. It’s a great place to be a freelancer for many reasons. It can get very hot in summer and very cold and snowy in the winter, so if you like varied weather, then you will most definitely like Prague. There are also amazing links to other countries and cities, such as Vienna, Austria or Krakow, Poland, so if you feel like switching it up – you can do so easily.

Panama City, Panama

view of city on coast

Panama City is great for freelancers who like nature mixed with city life and good food! Furthermore, there are many benefits to being a freelancer in Panama – such as having to pay no tax! Yep, you heard right if you’re a freelancer with a service outside of Panama. Life in Panama is also much less complicated, the nature is beautiful, the food is healthy and the weather is very good. Although, a major downside to living in Panama City as a freelancer is that it can be very noisy and power outages are common.

If you’re a freelancer, where are you based? Have you ever moved cities? Which did you prefer?

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