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Birdland, Boughton-on-Water – Review

Birdland in Boughton-on-Water is a great day out for the whole family to enjoy. It’s set in beautiful surroundings, and there are plenty of birds and other animals to see. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Birdland.

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Where is Birdland?

Where is Birdland? Birdland is located in Boughton-on-Water, Gloucestershire, which is a little village in the Cotswolds. Boughton-on-Water is most famous for the River Windrush, which runs through the village, and there are often people sitting alongside it or children playing in the water.

The postcode for Birdland is: GL54 2AY

How much is entry to Birdland, Boughton-on-Water?


How much is entry to Birdland? Entry to Birdland costs £11.95 for adults, £8.95 for children aged 3-15, and £10.95 for seniors and students. You can also buy a yearly membership which is £30 for adults, £24 for children, and £28 for seniors and students.

What animals are there?

What animals are there? There are many types of birds to spot, but there are also other animals such as turtles, snakes, insects and rabbits too! Some of the species of birds you will be able to see are: owls, flamingos, cranes, hornbills, parrots, penguins, storks, plovers and many more!

Is there parking at Birdland, Boughton-on-Water?


Is there parking at Birdland, Boughton-on-Water? This is a bit of a complicated answer. There is no parking right next to Birdland; however, there are various car parks around Boughton-on-Water, which take around an 8-minute walk to get to and from in total. The walk is very nice and goes through the village, and it is also fairly flat, so it’s wheelchair accessible.

Birdland Review:

The last time I visited Birdland was when I was a little kid, so well over ten years ago – and I couldn’t remember much of how it used to be. I found parking very easy and didn’t mind the walk as it was nice and took you through the village. If you’re driving, then make sure to arrive early as when I went back to my car at 2 pm – the car park was almost full.

I got in with my student ID, but if they didn’t accept my ID, then I wouldn’t have been too annoyed about it as it was only a discount of £1. I personally thought that the entry prices were a bit too expensive, but knowing that it all goes into care for the birds made it a bit more justifiable.

As soon as you walk through the entrance, there are lots of birds to see straight away. One of the best parts was seeing the penguins up close and swimming in the water. I personally thought that their enclosure seemed a bit sad and depressing due to it mostly being concrete, but I’m not an expert on this topic – it’s just an observation I made. I did also think that the wall could’ve been easy for children to climb over and get into, but again, I think it has always been this way, and if it was a reoccurring issue, I’m sure something would’ve been done about it.


Lots of the enclosures were really well kept, and there were places for the birds to hide and to go if they didn’t want to be viewed by the public. There were also lots of talks on, where the keepers were very knowledgeable about the birds.

I really liked that you could have the opportunity to see some of the animals up close, such as the turtles, but I also noticed that sometimes the children weren’t being supervised and would touch the animals aggressively. Due to this, I think that the animals should only be able to be touched at certain times under supervision. I used to work at a farm park, and we had a set up of the keepers showing the animals around to everyone whilst they got the chance to hold them under supervision which was much better for the animals, in my opinion.


I also really liked the dinosaur section, called Jurassic Journey. Here, you could walk around and see the dinosaurs and learn some facts to do with them. It was very interactive for little kids. There was also an area where kids could go into a sandpit and use a brush to uncover some fossils.

Children could also do a sort of scavenger hunt in the Jurassic Journey section, where at the end, they would get a prize for working out the anagram. This is a great idea and definitely helps make the trial much more interactive and fun for them.


Overall, I think Birdland is a great place to go if you’d like to spend a few hours looking at and learning about amazing species of birds. I personally think it’s more targeted towards little children than a regular animal place, but this is great if you have kids you want to visit with.

Birdland was laid out very well, and it was easy to walk around without worrying about missing a certain section. Additionally, it was also really well signed, and there were also maps you could take around with you for free, too!

I liked that the enclosures were really natural and big, and the birds really did look cared for, and well looked after. I’d just like the penguin enclosure to be a bit more cared for and have more stimulating elements for them.

Birdland is located in a great location, and it’s a must-visit attraction if you’re in the Cotswolds. A visit here would take around 2-3 hours in total.

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