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Don’ts of Estonia – 8 Things You Should NEVER Do!

Estonia is such a fantastic country, filled with history and beautiful landscapes. If you’re thinking of visiting Estonia, then check out these 8 don’ts of Estonia that you need to know in order to make your trip fantastic!

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Why Visit Estonia?

24 hours in Tallinn

Why visit Estonia? Estonia is a beautiful and exciting destination for travellers of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or some serene relaxation, you’ll find the perfect holiday in Estonia. This enchanting country is filled with charming towns, spectacular scenery, delicious cuisines and a long and fascinating cultural heritage.

With rolling green hills, tranquil lakes, thrilling hikes, and beautiful coastlines, Estonia is perfect for those who love exploring the outdoors. There are also plenty of museums, castles, monuments, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore, as well as vibrant cities and towns with bars, restaurants, and shops. Whether you’re looking for a unique cultural experience, a chance to witness nature at its greatest, or simply a holiday of relaxation, there is something in Estonia for everyone to enjoy.

What is Estonia Most Famous For?

24 hours in Tallinn

What is Estonia most famous for? Estonia is perhaps most famously known for its stunning natural landscapes. With a wide variety of scenic hiking trails and pristine beaches, Estonia is the perfect place to enjoy stunning views as you explore its wild outdoor spaces.

Estonians also take great pride in their culture, offering unique music, art, architecture, and food for visitors to experience. History buffs also have plenty to explore in this Baltic state, with castles, monuments, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit.

Last but certainly not least, Estonia’s cities and towns are well worth exploring, with vibrant nightlife, plenty of shops and restaurants, and exciting events taking place throughout the year. From its breathtaking scenery to its culture and history, Estonia is a fantastic destination for any traveller.

Things To Do in Estonia

If you’re looking for some of the best things to do in Estonia, then check out these great suggestions:

  • Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park – A day trip to Lahemaa National Park from Tallinn is an excellent way to get to know this beautiful corner of the world. This park is a great day trip destination with nature trails, coastal cliffs, cultural relics, and beautiful views.
  • From Tallinn: Day Trip to Helsinki, Finland – A day trip from Tallinn to Helsinki is an excellent way to visit two amazing cities in one day. There is a selection of beautiful architecture, rich culture, and delightful cuisine, meaning that this day trip will be memorable and packed with fun.
  • Welcome to Tallinn: Private Walking Tour with a Local – Walking around Tallinn with a local was a great way to experience and learn about its history and culture. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get insider knowledge and to hear about the city from a perspective tourists can’t get anywhere else.

8 Don’ts of Estonia

1. Don’t Keep Shoes On Inside

Don'ts of Estonia

Estonia is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people and breathtaking scenery. It is an incredibly popular country for tourists to visit and explore. Tourists should be aware that in Estonia and most other countries in Europe, it is considered disrespectful to leave your shoes on when entering someone’s home. It is seen as an insult and can cause offence. This is because the home is viewed as a sacred place, and the entryway should be kept clean and free of dirt and germs from outside shoes.

2. Don’t Forget to Try Vürtsikilu Suupiste

Vürtsikilu Suupiste is a unique Estonian snack that you won’t find anywhere else. It is Sprat fish, flavoured with herbs and spices. This combination of flavours is a delight to the taste buds, taking your mouth on an adventure of delectably spicy and zesty tones.

If you’re looking for an unusual snack to remind you of your time in this beautiful Baltic country, Vürtsikilu Suupiste is a must-try. Even if you’re not travelling to Estonia, this snack is worth tracking down since you can purchase it online or find it in some speciality stores. For an irresistible taste sensation like no other, put Vürtsikilu Suupiste on your list!

3. Don’t Mention the History

Don'ts of Estonia

When speaking with locals in Estonia, it is crucial to be aware of the Estonian history with the Soviet Union. Although the Soviet era has been a part of Estonia’s history, it is still a sensitive topic among many locals, and it should be handled with respect.

Tourism should not focus on this part of Estonia’s history – rather, visitors should focus on the country’s diverse culture and contemporary attractions. Exploring Estonia’s historic sites is highly encouraged, but remember to take a respectful approach and leave this era of Estonian history out of conversations.

4. Don’t Be Scared to Talk to People

When visiting Estonia, tourists should not feel scared to speak with the locals! Estonia is a friendly country, and locals are known for their welcoming and warm personalities. Despite some language barriers, most Estonians have basic conversational English skills and are open to helping tourists. By speaking with locals, visitors have the chance to ask for directions, get insights on hidden gems, and even make some new friends!

5. Don’t Just Stay in Tallinn

Don'ts of Estonia

Tallinn is an incredibly enriching city, but one of the biggest don’ts of Estonia is that tourists shouldn’t just limit themselves to just Tallinn when visiting Estonia! The whole country is packed with stunning architecture, captivating nature, and exciting attractions. From the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea to the picturesque city of Tartu, Estonia is full of unique hidden gems and unforgettable experiences. Travelling beyond Tallinn is an opportunity to explore Estonia’s unique culture and provides visitors with rich memories.

6. Don’t Speak in Russian

When travelling to Estonia, tourists should not assume that everyone speaks Russian. While Russian is the first language of about twenty-five per cent of the country’s population, Estonia has two official languages – Estonian and Russian. Therefore, it is important to remember that the majority of Estonians do not speak Russian and to ask in Estonian before presuming someone speaks another language. This cultural respect goes a long way and makes locals feel valued, leading to more memorable experiences for tourists.

7. Don’t Forget to Bring Sturdy Shoes

Don'ts of Estonia

From sightseeing in the old town of Tallinn to exploring the incredible bogs and forests, there’s plenty to do outside. To make sure that the whole experience is safe and enjoyable, tourists should pack a pair of sturdy shoes for their visit to Estonia. Sturdy shoes provide good support and traction, allowing for better stability when on uneven ground, such as when exploring the outdoors or walking around the cobblestone streets of various cities.

Waterproof shoes are recommended in case you need to traverse a wet or muddy area. Additionally, some of Estonia’s wilder outdoor trails have uneven surfaces, so these shoes will also come in handy. Keep a pair of good shoes on hand for your Estonia trip, and you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable stay.

8. Don’t Use Unmarked Taxis

It is strongly recommended that tourists in Estonia avoid using unmarked taxis. Unmarked taxis are often unlicensed cabs run by private individuals who pose a security risk and charge much higher rates than licensed taxis. There is no guarantee of safety with these taxis, as they are not regulated or monitored by any transportation authority.

In addition, these taxis are not insured, and any damage or losses incurred during the ride are not refunded. For a safe and secure journey, it is best to go with marked taxis only, which are easily recognizable with signs or logos. Whenever possible, use a ride-hailing app to ensure you are getting a legitimate taxi with all the necessary safety measures in place.

Estonia FAQ

Is Tallinn Estonia worth visiting?

Tallinn is definitely worth visiting. There are plenty of things to see and do there, a lot of great shops, lots of history, and there is even the opportunity to take the ferry to Helsinki, Finland!

Is Tallinn Estonia cheap to visit?

Tallinn is an affordable city to visit for most tourists. It is much cheaper than some cities in Europe, but isn’t as cheap as others such as in Eastern Europe.

Do they speak English in Estonia?

Yes, most people, especially younger people, can speak English in Estonia. However, it is always best to

Don’ts of Estonia – Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ve learnt about some of the most of the major don’ts of Estonia to help make your trip as good as possible. Which don’ts of Estonia surprised you the most? Are there any don’ts of Estonia that you can think of, but they haven’t been mentioned yet? If so, let me know by leaving a comment down below! If you liked this post and would like to read some more similar posts, then this is what I’d recommend:

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