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24 Hours in Riga on a Budget

Riga, Latvia, is a very beautiful city and a great destination to visit if you want t explore the Balkans. Many transport links in Riga connect it to other destinations in the country or to other countries such as Estonia and Lithuania. If you’re not visiting Riga for very long, then read on to find out how to spend 24 hours in Riga on a budget!

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Why Visit Riga?

24 hours in Riga on a budget

Why visit Riga? Riga is the capital of Latvia and a popular tourist destination, with plenty of opportunities for travellers to explore its rich culture, history, and architecture.

Its medieval Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site, filled with beautiful architecture in the Art Nouveau style. Tourists can explore the old town on foot or take a guided tour, then take a break for lunch in one of the numerous restaurants dotted around the streets. There are also plenty of opportunities to experience the city’s cultural heritage, including world-class theatres, galleries, and museums.

Beyond the old town, Riga is full of unique parks and cafes, as well as exhilarating nightlife and shopping districts for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a weekend away or an unforgettable destination, Riga has something for everybody.

What is Riga Famous for?

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What is Riga famous for? Riga is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, renowned for its rich culture, history, and architecture. The city’s Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is full of stunning Art Nouveau buildings that date back hundreds of years.

The old town is a great place to explore on foot or take a guided tour, and many restaurants provide a chance to escape for a bite to eat. Beyond the old town are parks, cafes, theatres, museums, galleries, and more. Riga is also a well-known nightlife city with various bars, clubs, and shopping districts. From its cultural heritage to its bustling modern life, Riga is a city of adventure and discovery.

Is Riga Safe at Night?

Is Riga safe at night? Yes, Riga is generally safe at night if you take the usual safety precautions. Often, there are plenty of people out and about and entertainment on throughout the city, so it’s rare to feel truly unsafe. That said, it’s not a bad idea to be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that are secluded or poorly lit.

The city is generally very well-policed, so it’s uncommon to experience any form of crime or harassment. Personally, I even walked alone (I’m a 21-year-old girl!) at 2 am through Riga to get to the bus station and felt quite safe – but I stayed away from underground passes. All in all, it’s a great place to explore and sightsee late into the night as long as you stay smart and don’t wander off too far from the city centre.

24 Hours in Riga on a Budget:


24 hours in Riga on a budget

Exploring the old town of Riga in the morning can be a rewarding and picturesque experience. The winding streets are lined with charming old buildings, giving you a sense of stepping back in time.

Start your morning by heading to the Latvia National Library, where you can grab a cup of coffee and snack as you take in the views of the city. It is free to visit, making it a great way to spend your 24 hours in Riga on a budget. Near to the library, there is also the Pink Church (Holy Trinity Orthodox Church) – which is a very beautiful church if you wish to visit. From here, you can cross the bridge and explore the many small boutiques and souvenir shops that line the streets or take a walk along the canals of the old city.

Continue your morning by visiting Riga’s historic churches. The imposing St. Peter’s church and the St. Jacob’s Cathedral have been standing since the 14th century. Their grandeur and history will leave you breathless.

Nearby you will also find the Old Riga Castle, the residence of the imperial governors of Latvia since the 15th century. This remarkable castle is a must-see when in the city – and is very impressive to see on the outside!

No morning in Riga would be complete without taking a stroll through the Town Hall Square. Here you can admire the beautiful spire of the town hall and see the iconic House of the Blackheads. Take in the bustling café culture, and marvel at the storied city gates. It’s also a great base to stop for lunch, as there’s a Rimi across from it – which is an affordable shop with tasty food!


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If you’re still hungry or looking for some more traditional Latvian food, then next head to Rīgas Centrāltirgus (Riga Central Market). If you have the budget for it, it can also be a good idea to do a Riga Central Market Food Tour, which is a great way to get to try all the different types of tasty Latvian food.

Riga Central Market is one of the most visited destinations in Riga and a must-see for tourists and locals alike. Located in Old Town Riga, the Central Market is spread across five pavilions and houses over 3,000 traders offering fresh produce, meats, dairy products, souvenir items, and much more.

The largest pavilion is dominated by produce stalls and offers a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Other interesting finds include vintage products, local arts and crafts, and unique jewellery. The atmosphere at the Central Market is always vibrant, with locals bargaining their way around the stalls and cheerful traders touting their produce.

It is the perfect place to explore and shop for local delicacies or unique souvenirs, making it a great way to spend a few of your 24 hours in Riga on a budget. Whatever your reason for visiting, Riga Central Market promises to be an exciting and memorable experience.

24 hours in Riga on a budget

After visiting Riga Central Market, next head to the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum. It is free to visit and open from 10 am – 6 pm daily, apart from Saturdays.

Visiting Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum is an emotional and meaningful experience. It serves as a reminder of the horrible atrocities that were inflicted on the Jews of Riga and Latvia during World War II.

The museum features a range of exhibits that help us understand the tragedy of the Holocaust and the courage of those who faced it, making it a must-visit for all those who wish to pay their respects and learn about the tragedies that unfolded.

You might also notice a building which is similar to the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw – but instead in Riga, known as LZA. That’s because it follows a style of architecture called Stalinist but was designed by different people. You can go to the top of the building for a few euros. There is also some quirky artwork of a fox nearby called Turgeņeva 17, which is worth checking out!


24 hours in Riga on a budget

Finally, to finish off your 24 hours in Riga on a budget, I really recommend visiting The Corner House. The Corner House is a former KGB prison, and you can visit the museum exhibition area for free, but I highly recommend paying around €10 ( €4 if you’re a student) for the tour of the cells.

The tour is one of the most informative and eye-opening tours I’ve had the chance to do, and the guide is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. When I visited, my guide made it very hands-on, which made it a very effective way to get to understand the actual atrocities that the KGB committed.

Despite the Soviet Union’s downfall, the KGB prison in Riga still stands today and serves as a memorial to all those who suffered under its oppressive regime. If you wish to visit, it’s best to book tickets in advance as there are only a few hours per day. Tours last around 1-1.5 hours.

24 hours in Riga on a budget

Finally, after the tour, head down towards the Freedom Monument and take in the scenery of
Bastejkalna Park. At this park, you can take a canal ride if you have some money to spare, but it is a very nice place to relax and unwind.

Furthermore, nearby Bastejkalna Park, you will also come across Haus mit lettischen Wappen – which is a house with all the coats of arms of Latvia painted onto the side. From this house, I’d recommend walking a few minutes to the Cat House, a building with 2 cats on the top of the roof, which you’ll probably notice are on a lot of Latvian souvenirs.

From there, you can stroll along the Daugava River and think back on your 24 hours in Riga on a budget.

24 Hours in Riga on a Budget – Map

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Riga FAQ

Is Riga cheap or expensive?

Riga is moderately priced. It is much cheaper than in some other countries in Europe, such as Switzerland, but it isn’t as cheap as others!

Is 1 day enough in Riga?

1 day is enough to see all the major sights in Riga, but 2-3 days is the recommended amount if you want to fully enjoy it and relax.

Do people speak English in Riga?

Yes, a lot of people in Riga speak English, but it is mainly the younger people.

24 Hours in Riga on a Budget – Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ve been inspired by how to spend 24 hours in Riga on a budget! Which ways to spend 24 hours in Riga on a budget look the best to you? If you’ve spent 24 hours in Riga on a budget, do you have anything that you think should be recommended? Let me know by leaving a comment down below! If you liked this post and would like to read some other similar posts, then this is what I’d recommend:

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